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Trouble Connecting To Rps Using The Ip Communicator; Verify Correct Panel Account Type Selected In Rps For Existing Panel Firmware Revision; Verify Correct Module Address Selection; Check For Address Conflicts - Bosch B426 Setup & Troubleshooting

Conettix ethernet communication module
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Trouble connecting to RPS using the IP Communicator

Verify correct panel account type selected in RPS for existing panel firmware revision.

1. Confirm the panel type and firmware revision:
1) Press [CMD + 59] at a panel keypad (works on all panels).
2) (GV2 and older only) Look for the EEProm chip, located in a socket on the main circuit board under the heat-
shield. The panel type and firmware version will be printed on. Note that the D7212B/B1 or D9112B/B1 are
not compatible with the IP communicator.
2. Confirm the correct account type was created in RPS:
1) Right-click on the panel from the Panel List view in RPS.
2) Select 'Open Panel Data-View'. Check for correct account type creation.
All D7212/D7412 or D9412-G and Non-G types will use a D7212/D7412 or D9412 account type in RPS.
All GV2 panel types will use D7212GV2/D7412GV2 or D9412GV2 account types in RPS.
GV3 or GV4 panel types require a Panel Version selection in the RPS account (see figure 25). Confirm
the Panel firmware version with [CMD + 59], then verify the correct Panel Version was selected the RPS
Figure 25 Panel Firmware Selection
 Note 1: GV3 or GV4 account types can be promoted from a lower panel version group to higher but
cannot be reverted from a higher panel version group down to the lower group. For example, if a [GV4
V2.00 or greater] account was created to connect with a GV4 ver 1.00.011 panel, the RPS connection
would fail because of the mismatch. The V2.00 or greater account cannot be reverted back to v1.00
thru v1.99 and must be recreated from a blank account.
 Note 2: Stickers or hand written firmware revisions may not accurately reflect panel firmware revision
due to possible changes made after installation. Use CMD59 to confirm existing revision.

Verify correct module address selection.

Use [CMD + 59] to confirm the panel type and firmware. Using table 1 on pg5, verify the address setting was set in
the IP Communicator.

Check for address conflicts.

1. An address conflict occurs when multiple IP communicators connected to the same bus (SDI or SDI2) use the
same switch address. Ensure each module (B426, B420 or B450) connected to the same bus (SDI or SDI2)
is addressed differently. Reset power after changing module address.
2. Remove any DX4010V2 modules wired to SDI if the IP communicator is wired to SDI. The DX4010V2
address may conflict with the IP communicator address.



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