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Trouble Connecting To Rps: 'Connect Via: Ip Direct - Bosch B426 Setup & Troubleshooting

Conettix ethernet communication module
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Trouble connecting to RPS: 'Connect via: IP Direct'.

IP Direct requires both the PC and IP communicator to use DHCP. Therefore, both are waiting to be assigned an IP
address from the server. Because no server is available when connected using only an Ethernet cable, neither obtains an
IP address. The IP communicator falls back to its default address ( and the PC falls back to the Auto
configuration IPv4 address of
IP Direct connection can work. (see the section: How to connect to RPS using: 'Connect Via: IP Direct' for more details)
See figure 26 to verify proper addressing in the PC.
Figure 26 Verify Network settings in PC
Verify both the PC and IP communicator use DHCP. When available, a connection to RPS, using 'connect via:
USB' or 'Enhanced Direct', may be used to verify the setting: SDI2 Modules > IP Communicator > IPv4
DHCP/AutoIP Enable is set to YES
If an alternate connection to RPS is not available, use keypad programming to verify the IP communicator is
configured: DHCP/AutoIP Enable = YES in the panel account.
Using an SDI type keypad (D1255/D1260):
1) Press 9+9+[Enter] and then [Next] to reach Tools Menu, select Tools Menu.
2) Enter the installer code (default 123).
3) Press [Next] to reach Programming and select Programming.
4) Press [Next] to reach IP Module Config and select IP Module Config.
5) B420 Mod 1 - 2 displays; select [1] or [2] + [Enter] (depending on the device address).
6) Module Params displays; select Module Params.
7) DHCP ENABLE displays; select DHCP ENABLE.
8) The display reads MODULE [x] DHCP with the current setting YES/NO. Press Next until YES is selected.
9) Press escape to exit keypad programing.
Using a B920 or B930 keypad:
1) Press 123 + [Enter].
2) Press 1 for Installer menu.
3) Press 1 for Programming.
4) Press 2 for Network menu.
5) Press 1 for Module address 1 or 2 for Module address 2.
6) Press 1 for Module Param menu.
7) Press 1 for DHCP Enable. The display reads "Set DHCP Enabled" with the current selection. Press Next
until YES is selected. Press escape to exit keypad programing. (where xxx= a random number between 0-255). Configured in this way the
1) Select Control Panel.
2) Select Network and Sharing Center.
3) Select Change Adapter Settings. The Network
connections will display.
4) Ensure only the Local Area Connection to be
used should be enabled. Disable any others.
5) Right-click the Local Area Connection and
select Status.
6) Click on Details.
The Auto-configuration IPv4 address should



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