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There Is A Problem With The Security Certificate When Logging Into The Web Interface; The Ip Communicator Led's Are Not Working; Can Supervision Be Disabled For The Ip Communicator; The Ip Communicator Settings In Rps Are Greyed Out Or Keypad Programming Is Locked - Bosch B426 Setup & Troubleshooting

Conettix ethernet communication module
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There is a problem with the security certificate when logging into the Web Interface.

If a message is displayed while connecting to the IP communicator which reads: 'There is a problem with this website's
security certificate', select Continue to this Website (see below).
Figure 21 Problem with Security Certificate

The IP Communicator LED's are not working

1. Check power and basic wiring connections.
2. Verify the tamper pins are not covered with a jumper.
3. Replace the module.

Can supervision be disabled for the IP Communicator?

No. Devices SDI2 are always supervised during normal operation.
Can't change Legacy Mode in the Web Browser's Advanced Network Settings page
Legacy Mode Enabled is greyed out when the IP communicator selected switch address is only used with non-
legacy panel types. Verify using the correct module address (see table 1 pg.5).
Legacy Mode Enabled setting available with switch settings: 3, 4, 7, 8.
NOT available (greyed out) with switch settings: 0, 1, 2, 5, 6, 9.

The IP Communicator settings in RPS are greyed out or keypad programming is locked

Panel programming has been disabled in the web interface when programming items are greyed out in RPS
(figure 22) or the D1255 or D1260 keypad displays B420 Module Locked (figure 23). Connect to the web
interface, open the Maintenance page and set Panel Programming=Enabled (figure 24).
Figure 22 Module settings are greyed out
Figure 24 Maintenance Page of Web Interface
Figure 23 Remote Programming displays Mod Locked



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