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Basic Network Settings Page; Advanced Network Settings Page - Bosch B426 Setup & Troubleshooting

Conettix ethernet communication module
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Basic Network Settings Page

Used to configure the basic network settings used by the IP Communicator. See figure 6 below.
Figure 6 Basic Network Settings
 Note: Legacy TCP Automation Enable is used for Automation. Leave this setting=No when configuring
for Remote Programming Software and/or Reporting.

Advanced Network Settings Page

Legacy Panel Mode Disabled / Enabled: When enabled allows a single TCP connection with no security.
Legacy Panel Mode must be configured correctly for the IP Communicator to communicate with the panel. Set to
Enabled Only for the listed panels, set to Disabled for all other panel types. Note that the Enabled option is
greyed out when the address switch is set to one only compatible with Non-Legacy Panel types. (see table 1pg.5)
Port 77EE Configuration Enable: Select Yes to enable the network configuration port or No to disable the
network configuration port.
UPnP Enable: Enable Universal Plug and Play Yes or No.
HTTP Port Number: Select the HTTP Port number (1-65535) used for the module web server.
ARP Cache Timeout: When the module communicates with any device on a network, an entry is added to its
ARP table for each of those devices. The ARP Cache Timeout defines the number of seconds (1 to 600) before
the ARP table of the module is refreshed.
Figure 7 Advanced Network Settings



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