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Connect To The Web Interface When The Ip Address Is Unknown; Replace An Ip Communicator Connected To Sdi2 Keeping The Original Settings; Determine If The B426 Is The Original Or The Modified Version - Bosch B426 Setup & Troubleshooting

Conettix ethernet communication module
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Connect to the Web Interface when the IP address is Unknown

When the IP address is unknown the web interface connection can be made by using the configuration steps below. This
will enable connection to the IP Communicator using and the default password: B42V2. Previously
configured parameters in the module are left unchanged.
1. Set the address switch to 9 and place a jumper across the 'Mode' pins, located adjacent to the address switch.
2. Set the PC network interface to operate in network range of IP address: (Set to either 'Obtain
automatically' and fall back to the APIPA: 169.254.x.x, or set a Static IP such as 169.2454.1.2)
3. Open an internet browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or higher, or Mozilla Firefox 3 or higher) and connect to the IP
communicator using the default IP address: and press [Enter]. The B426 Login page displays.
Figure 18 B426 Login Page
4. Enter the password (default: B42V2) and click Login. The Device Information home page opens.
5. Browse to the desired page and configure as needed.
6. Select OK after entering changes to save edited values. Changes are not saved if OK isn't selected.

Replace an IP Communicator connected to SDI2 keeping the original settings

1. Set the address switch on the new IP Communicator the same as the one to be replaced.
2. Remove the old IP communicator and connect the replacement to SDI2.
3. Reboot the panel by closing reset switch until the panel piezo sounds and then open it. The program settings for the
selected address (1 or 2) will be pushed to the IP Communicator.
4. Select Connect Via: Network, enter the IP address and press Connect.

Determine if the B426 is the original or the modified version

The original B426 release was eventually upgraded hardware with increased memory allowing for firmware upgrades.
The modified B426 has a slight change in the circuit board for identification purposes. The modified version has the
tamper pins relocated to between the SDI2 connectors as seen below.
Figure 19 Modified verses Old Version



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