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Trouble Connecting When Using Connect Via: Network; Verify Correct Encryption Settings (G Or Non-G Thru Gv4 V1.00-1.99 Types Only) - Bosch B426 Setup & Troubleshooting

Conettix ethernet communication module
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Trouble connecting when using Connect via: Network

The PC must be configured in the same network as the IP communicator. RPS can be used to check the IP communicator
addressing if connection 'via: USB or Enhanced Direct' is available. Keypad diagnostics can also be used on B- panels or
GV4 types can use keypad diagnostics (see below). For SDI and option bus connections review the section: How to
configure the IP Communicator using the Web Browser to verify the IP address.
Verify the IP communicator and PC are in the same network (check with IT if necessary).
If not in the same network, a port forwarding rule for TCP protocol may be required. Check with IT.
Any Windows OS or 3
For SDI2 Connections:
1. Review the section: How to connect to RPS using 'Connect Via: Network' on pg. 8 and ensure the general
configuration is correct.
2. Review the section: How to configure the IP Communicator using keypad programming on pg. 8. Verify
correct settings for; IP address, Subnet Mask and Default Gateway.
For SDI or Option Bus connections:
Verify correct setting of Legacy Mode Enabled/Disabled in Advanced Network settings in the web browser.
An incorrect setting will prevent communication with the panel. Legacy Panel Mode is set as Enabled only for
the following panel types:
D7212/D7412/D9412GV2 version 7.05 & lower
D7212/D7412/D9412GV version 6.99 & lower
2. Data traffic or Noise on data wires.
1) If connected to SDI bus, close the reset switch and attempt the connection again. This will
reduce the data traffic on the SDI bus and may resolve the trouble connecting by network.
2) Remove the data wires for all devices but the IP communicator from the SDI or Option bus.
This will isolate any field wire issues and may resolve the trouble connecting by network.

Verify correct Encryption settings (G or Non-G thru GV4 v1.00-1.99 types only).

Encrypted connections to Remote Programming Software only pertain to GV4 v1.00-1.99 and earlier panel types.
Remote Programming Software generates an encrypted network connection to B-Panels or GV4 version 2+ panel types.
Therefore, problems connecting to B-Panels or GV4 v2+ types will not be affected by encryption settings.
Verify correct encryption configuration in GV4 v1.00-1.99 and earlier panel types.
1. Check the 'Encryption & Security Settings' page in the web browser and verify correct entries in the Key Size
and AES Key String.
Figure 27 Web Browser 'Encryption & Security Settings' Page
2. Verify the correct Encryption Key is selected to the panel account in Remote Programming Software. Locate
the panel list in RPS and right-click the panel account. Select Open Panel Data-View and the Network tab.
The Panel Data-Edit screen displays as seen on right. Select Encryption: Enabled and then select the
correct encryption key for the panel account from the dropdown list.
party firewalls should be disabled or port forwarding rules for UDP configured.
Figure 28 Network Tab for the RPS Account



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