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Bosch Greentherm T9900 SE 160 Installation And Operating Instructions Manual page 63

Indoor residential tankless water heaters, 160 000/199 000 btu- natural gas 160 000/199 000 btu - liquefied petroleum lp gas
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8.12.2 Manual Gas and Air Adjustment
Gas and Air adjustment is also possible to perform manually.
This is only recommended if the automatic adjustment process
is not possible to complete successfully.
To perform MA Manual Adjust of Gas/Air flow;
▶ After enter CA Combustion Adjust menu,
▶ Touch symbols
▶ Touch the symbol
Fig. 59
Manual Adjust - MA
Access P1 menu (maximum power)
L1 Gas Adjust
▶ Touch the symbol
Display shows L1 Gas Adjust.
Fig. 60
L1 Gas Adjust - Open Taps
▶ Open hot water taps when the display shows Open Taps.
The appliance will display Open Taps whenever more flow
is required to continue the automatic adjustment process
(1 tub and 2 sinks are usually sufficient).
Display shows Output Power (%) when there is enough
water flow.
1) More flow may be required if inlet water temperature is
high, i.e. applications with waste water recovery system,
preheated solar water.
Greentherm T9900 SE/i – 6 720 813 635 (2019/03)
to select MA menu.
to enter MA menu.
to enter P1 menu.
▶ Change L1 Gas Adjust parameter until reaches 100% ± 2%
▶ Increase L1 Gas Adjust parameter to increase output
power, and vice-versa.
How to enter a new tuning parameter (i.e. L1, L2, A1, A2).
▶ Select the desired parameter.
▶ Touch the symbol
The symbols
appears in the display.
▶ Change to the desired value.
▶ Touch the symbol
The symbols
▶ L1 Gas Adjust is now complete.
A1 Air Adjust
▶ Touch symbols
Adjust - ION.
Fig. 61
A1 Air Adjust - ION
▶ Change A1 Air Adjust parameter until ION value is
according to table 25.
▶ Increase A1 Air Adjust parameter to decrease ION value
and vice-versa.
A1 Air Adjust is now complete.
P1 maximum power
ION (A1 Air Adjust)
ION (A1 Air Adjust)
1) For information on unit's configuration (gas type: NG/LPG
and capacity: 160 000BTU/199 000BTU), see rating plate
(chapter 3.3).
Table 25 P1 ION values
when finished.
until display shows A1 Air
199 000 BTU
160 000 BTU
Natural Gas
200 - 300
200 - 290
LP Gas
185 - 285
200 - 295



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