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Wi-Fi Connection - Bosch Greentherm T9900 SE 160 Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

Indoor residential tankless water heaters, 160 000/199 000 btu- natural gas 160 000/199 000 btu - liquefied petroleum lp gas
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Operation instructions
▶ Open a tap and check for gas leak (e.g. use leak detector
fluid, like water and soap, over and around the metal plate)
and act accordingly.
▶ Replace the front cover.
▶ Access the Technical Settings menu (section 6.6).
▶ Access to menu P7 Gas Type.
Display shows appliance gas type.
▶ Use the symbols
▶ Touch the symbol
The display blinks to confirm the change.
The appliance will go through a initialization process.
▶ Update "TYPE OF GAS" in the rating plate of the appliance
using the label provided with the conversion plates.
▶ Confirm CO
and CO values, see chapter 8.11 and, if
necessary, adjust Gas and Air flow parameters, see
chapter 8.12 for more information.

Wi-Fi connection

Only available in T9900 SEi model. For T9900 SE160/199
models, a wireless connectivity accessory is available with Wi-
Fi accessory module.
6.9.1 Wi-Fi activation
Before activating Wi-Fi module,
▶ Unplug the appliance from the power supply.
The Wi-Fi module must be activated within 15 minutes after
plugging in the appliance to the power supply.
If an error message is displayed or cannot configure Wi-Fi
▶ See section 6.9.3 "Problem solving to activate Wi-Fi".
▶ Plug in the appliance to the power supply.
▶ Access to information / adjustments menu.
▶ Touch the symbol
Display shows P4 Information.
▶ Touch the symbol
▶ Touch the symbol
▶ Use the symbols
to choose gas type LPG.
until the display shows SA
to select A7 Wireless
▶ Touch the symbol
Display shows,
– WF Wi-Fi
▶ Touch the symbol
Activate Wi-Fi module
Two options are available to activate Wi-Fi module in the
▶ Connect the appliance to a network (SC Scan)
▶ Configure Hotspot menu in the appliance (HT Hotspot)
(This option is generally chosen in case there is no
domestic Wi-Fi connection available.)
How to connect the appliance to a network, SC Scan menu,
▶ Use the symbols
▶ Touch the symbol
Display shows list of available networks.
▶ Use the symbols
▶ Touch the symbol
Insert network password.
▶ Use the symbols
symbols from the list.
▶ Touch the symbol
▶ To save the password use the symbols
select END.
▶ Touch the symbol
▶ Touch the symbol
Display shows temperature value.
Appliance is connected to a network.
▶ Download the "Bosch Water" app, available for Android and
IOS for communication with the water heater, see fig. 51.
▶ Open the app and follow the instructions.
▶ Use the smartphone to scan the QR code located on the left
side of front cover.
▶ Define a User password in the Bosch Water app.
Wi-Fi module is activated.
How to configure Hotspot menu in the appliance,
HT Hotspot
HT Hotspot menu is not displayed in the HMI if the appliance is
connected to a network (SC Scan).
▶ Use RW Reset Wi-Fi menu to reset Wi-Fi connections.
▶ Use the symbols
▶ Touch the symbol
Define password with more than 8 characters.
▶ Choose the letters and symbols from the list.
Greentherm T9900 SE/i – 6 720 813 635 (2019/03)
to select SC Scan.
to select the Wi-Fi network.
to select the letters and
, to confirm each letter or symbol.
to return to main menu.
to select HT Hotspot.



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