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Bosch T4200 14-2D Installation And User Instructions Manual

Gas instantaneous water heater therm 4200 series
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Installation and Users Instructions
Gas Instantaneous Water Heater
Therm 4200
T4200 11/14/18-2D



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  Summary of Contents for Bosch T4200 14-2D

  • Page 1 Installation and Users Instructions Gas Instantaneous Water Heater Therm 4200 T4200 11/14/18-2D...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents Table of contents Key to symbols and safety instructions ..3 Maintenance (must be carried out only by ..Key to symbols ......3 qualified technicians) .
  • Page 3: Key To Symbols And Safety Instructions

    Key to symbols and safety instructions If there is a smell of gas: Key to symbols and safety instructions ▶ Close the gas valve. Key to symbols ▶ Open windows. Warnings ▶ Do not connect any electrical appliance. Warnings in this document are identified by a warning triangle printed against a grey ▶...
  • Page 4 Key to symbols and safety instructions Maintenance together with the safety instructions. You will be asked to sign acceptance ▶ The user must maintain and of the installation and be provided periodically service the appliance. with a completion certificate. You ▶...
  • Page 5 Key to symbols and safety instructions Safety of electrical appliances for domestic use and similar purposes The following requirements apply in accordance with EN 60335-1 in order to prevent hazards from occurring when using electrical appliances: “This appliance can be used by children of 8 years and older, as well as by people with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lacking in...
  • Page 6: Technical Characteristics And Dimensions

    Technical Characteristics and Dimensions • Semi-permanent pilot burner which only functions during Technical Characteristics and the period between the opening of the water valve and the ignition of the main burner Dimensions • Heat exchanger without tin/lead covering Type overview •...
  • Page 7: Dimensions

    [40] Gas valve [26] Power selector [42] Digital display [34] LED - Burner status check Dimensions (mm) H (Ø) Natural gas T4200 11-2D... 112,5 1/2” T4200 14-2D... 1/2” T4200 18-2D... 1/2” Table 3 Dimensions Therm 4200 – 6 720 821 605 (2017/08)
  • Page 8: Electrical Diagram

    Technical Characteristics and Dimensions Electrical diagram Fig. 2 Electrical diagram [2] Spark plug This is a way of saving a great amount of energy as the pilot [3] Ionisation probe burner only operates for the minimum necessary time to ignite [15] Micro-switch the main burner, in contrast to conventional systems which [23] Ignition unit...
  • Page 9: Technical Data

    Technical Characteristics and Dimensions Technical Data Technical Data Symbol Units T4200 11-2D T4200 14-2D T4200 18-2D Output and heat demand Rated max. heat output 19,2 23,6 30,5 (Btu/h) (65570) (80595) (104165) Rated min. heat output Pmin (Btu/h) (23905) (30710) (31733)
  • Page 10: Use

    Open all water and gas blocking devices.  Purge the pipes. CAUTION: The area in front of the burner can reach very high temperatures, and there is a risk of burning on contact. Fig. 5 Replacing the batteries Digital display - description Precautions when using the batteries •...
  • Page 11: Water Flow

    Regulations Fig. 7 Fig. 10 Turning off Temperature/flow adjustment ▶ Press the switch , position ▶ Turn anti-clockwise Increases flow and decreases water temperature. Water flow If the red LED starts flashing, check the water pressure. Fig. 11 ▶ Turn clockwise. Decreases flow and increases water temperature.
  • Page 12: Installation (Must Be Carried Out Only By Qualified Technicians)

    Installation (must be carried out only by qualified technicians) Water quality Installation (must be carried out only by The device is used for DHW heating for domestic purposes in qualified technicians) accordance with the relevant regulations. Use of a water treatment system is recommended in areas with a high level of water hardness.
  • Page 13: Fixing The Appliance

    Appliance Minimum area 60 cm T4200 11-2D 90 cm T4200 14-2D 120 cm T4200 18-2D Table 6 Useful areas for air admission Minimum requirements are listed above. Local regulations should always be observed.
  • Page 14: Hydrogenerator Operation

    Installation (must be carried out only by qualified technicians) The installation, if done with flexible tube (not metal), only for It is advisable to install a non-return valve on appliances designed to be connected to a bottle of Butane, the supply side of the heater to avoid must comply with the following: problems caused by sudden changes in •...
  • Page 15: Adjustments

    Adjustments (must be carried out only by qualified technicians) ▶ Connect the manometer to the burner pressure measuring Adjustments (must be carried out only by point. qualified technicians) Factory regulations Sealed parts must not be interfered with. Natural gas Heaters must not be turned on if the connection pressure is lower than 1,5 kPa or higher than 2,5 kPa.
  • Page 16: Conversion To A Different Type Of Gas

    Maintenance (must be carried out only by qualified technicians) – On hydraulic parts: Unisilikon L 641 (8 709 918 413) Natural Butane Propane – Threaded joints: HFt 1 v 5 (8 709 918 010). gas H Injector code 11 8708202113 8 708 202 130 Periodic maintenance tasks (110)
  • Page 17: Flue Gas Safety Device

    Maintenance (must be carried out only by qualified technicians) ▶ Empty the appliance of all water. ▶ Replace the damaged part and proceed with its assembly using the steps indicated in the previous table, in reverse order. Operating check To check the correct operation of the combustion gas probe, proceed in the following manner: ▶...
  • Page 18: Problems

    Problems Problems Problem/cause/solution Assembly, maintenance and repairs must be performed by possible problems (solutions followed by an * must be qualified technician only. The following chart offers solutions to undertaken by qualified technician only). Problem Cause Solution The heater does not ignite and Batteries flat, not inserted correctly or ▶...
  • Page 19: Environment / Disposal

    When damages are caused by lack of maintenance or by can be recycled. installing non-original parts; Used appliances Robert Bosch (Pty) Ltd. does not take over any responsibility Used appliances contain valuable materials that should be for personal damage, property damage or product damage recycled....

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