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Change Of Door Opening Direction - AEG A 70120 GS4 Instruction Book

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distances recommended in figure.
A: placing it under a wall-cupboard
B: placing it freely.

Change of door opening direction

Should the setting-up place or handling demand it, door-
opening direction can be refitted from right-handed to
Following operations are to be done on the basis of figures
and explanations:
Pull out the plug from the mains socket.
Tilt back the appliance carefully being careful so that
the compressor can not touch the floor. It is
recommended to ask another person for help, who can
keep the appliance at this position safely.
Unscrew the adjustable feet situated on both sides (2
pieces), in addition the screws fixing the lower door
holders (2 pieces) respectively the screw on the other
Take off the freezer door by pulling it slightly
Unscrew the top door hinge pin of the refrigerator
then screw it back on the other side.
Fit the freezer door on the upper door hinge pin.
Put over the pin in the lower door holding plate in the
direction of the arrow.
Fix the plate on the other side leaving the position of
the door unchanged.
Then screw in the one screw in the place set free on
the other side as well as the adjustable feet (2
pieces) and set up the box.
Put over the handles on the other side and put the
plastic covering nails supplied in the plastic bag of
this instruction book into the holes set free.
Put the appliance to its place, set it level and plug it
into the mains socket.


Table of Contents