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Regular Cleaning; Long-Term Absence - AEG A 70120 GS4 Instruction Book

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Sweep off the melting water occasionally with a cloth or
sponge in direction of sides which gathers in the outlet
channel practically formed in the bottom of the appliance
and can be removed as follows:
Put a tray high enough in front of the appliance. Insert the
plastic scraper into the defrost water outlet according to
the picture. Defrost water will flow into the tray through
the outlet.
Defrosting process can be made quicker by placing a pot
or dish filled with warm water to the cooling plate formed
as a shelf.
After defrosting wipe the surfaces and push defrost water
outlet back.
Apply voltage to the appliance.
Turn the temperature control knob to a medium position
and leave to run.
After the red light has gone out put the foods back.

Regular cleaning

It is practical to clean the inside of the freezer and defrost
it at a time.
Household cleaner or soap must not be used.
After breaking the circuit wash the appliance using
lukewarm water and wipe it.
Clean the door gasket with clean water.
After cleaning apply voltage to the appliance.
It is recommended to remove the dust and dirt collected
on the back of the appliance and the condenser once or
twice a year.

Long-term absence

If you do not use the product for longer periods, make sure
to perform the following:
Switch off the product by pressing the on/off switch until
the on/off indicator goes out.
Disconnect the product from the mains.
Remove all foods from the product.
Perform defrosting and cleaning operations as described
Leave the doors ajar to avoid the build-up of unpleasant


Table of Contents