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Storing; Some Useful Information And Advice; Hints And Ideas; How To Save Energy - AEG A 70120 GS4 Instruction Book

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Once the food is completely frozen (it may take up to 24
hours) you can manually switch off the quick freeze
function by pressing the switch (J) for 2-3 seconds. If not
switched off manually, the quick freeze function will be
automatically switched off 48 hours later. The yellow
indicator (H) will also go out.
Move the fresh frozen food into the top drawer and insert
the drawer in the appliance in its working position.


It is practical to replace frozen products into the storing
compartments after freezing has finished so that to make
room in the freezing compartment for another freezing.
In large quantities of food are to be stored, remove the
baskets except the lowermost one from appliance and
place food on the shelves.
Intermediate freezing does not deteriorate foods already
Some useful information and
After opening and closing the door of freezer vacuum
will rise inside the appliance because of the low
temperature. So wait 2-3 minutes after closing the
door - if you want to open it again - while inner
pressure equalises.
Take care of operating the freezer at a position of
thermostatic control so that the inside temperature
can never go beyond -18 °C, since temperature higher
than this can deteriorate frozen foods.
It is practical to make sure of faultless operation of
the appliance daily so as to notice possible failure in
time and prevent deterioration of frozen foods.
After a power failure the product will restart and the
quick freeze function will be switched on. If not
switched off manually, the quick freeze function will
be automatically switched off 5 hours later. When the
quick freeze function is switched off, the yellow
indicator (C) will go out.

Hints and ideas

In this chapter practical hints and ideas are given about
how to use the appliance to reach maximum energy saving
and there is environmental information about the
appliance as well.

How to save energy

Avoid putting the appliance in a sunny place and near
anything that gives off heat.
Be sure that the condenser and the compressor are
well ventilated. Do not cover the sections where
ventilation is.
Wrap products in tightly closing dishes or cling film to
avoid building up unnecessary frost.
Avoid products put in the freezer compartment to
touch foods already frozen.
Do not leave the door open longer than necessary and
avoid unnecessary openings.
Put warm foods into the appliance only when they are
at room temperature.
The condenser must be kept clean.

The appliance and environment

This appliance does not contain gasses which could
damage the ozone layer, in either its refrigerant circuit or
insulation materials. The appliance shall not be discarded
together with the urban refuse and rubbish. Avoid
damaging the cooling unit, especially at the rear near the
heat exchanger. Information on your local disposal sites
may be obtained from your municipal authorities.
The materials used on this appliance marked with the
are recyclable.



Bleeding part of the moisture of cooling chamber in form
of frost and ice goes with the operation of the appliance.
Thick frost and ice has an insulating effect, so it reduces
cooling efficiency as the temperature increases, it needs
more energy, at a certain thickness it does not allow the
door of the freezing compartment to open, possibly the
door can be broken.
It is possible to scrape off and remove smaller frost and ice
with the enclosed ice scraper.
The tray in figure is not a piece of accessories to the
When ice coating is so thick that it can not be removed
with the frost scraper defrosting is necessary. Its frequency
depends on usage.
How to defrost it:
Disconnect the appliance from the electrical supply. If the
plug is not accessible turn the temperature control knob
to "0" position.
Take the frozen foods out of the appliance and put them
into a basket lined with paper or cloth. Store them in a
possibly cool place or replace them into a frozen or fresh
food compartment of a refrigerator.
Leave the door open.


Table of Contents