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Freezing And Storing Frozen Food - AEG ARCTIS G 9 18 50-4 i Operating And Installation Instructions

Integrating freezer
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nics switch off the FROSTMATIC function after 52 hours. The yellow light
goes out.
The FROSTMATIC function can be ended manually at any time by pressing
the FROSTMATIC button again. The yellow light goes out.
Alarm reset button
In the event of an abnormal temperature rise inside the freezer (e.g. power
cut) warning light (H) will start to flash and a buzzer will sound.
After the temperature has returned to normal, the warning light (H) will
continue to flash, although the buzzer has stopped.
When the alarm button is pressed, the warmest temperature reached in the
compartment flashes on the indicator (max. 5 seconds). To stop the buzzer
push the button "I".
Switching the Appliance off
To switch off, hold down the ON/OFF button for approx. 3 seconds. This will
result in a countdown from "3" to "1" taking place in the temperature
display. On reaching "1" the fridge will switch off. The temperature display
will go off.
The appliance cannot be switched on or off if unplugged, or if there is no
power being supplied to it. Following connection to the mains power sup-
ply, the appliance returns to the same operating state as before the inter-
ruption of main power.
If the appliance is not going to be used for an extended period:
Switch off the appliance, holding down the ON/OFF button until the display
goes off (see above).
Remove the mains plug or switch off or turn out the circuit breaker or fuse.
Defrost the freezer compartment and clean the appliance thoroughly (see
section: "Cleaning and Maintenance").
Finally, leave the doors open to avoid a build up of odours.

Freezing and storing frozen food

You can use your freezer for freezing fresh food.
• The temperature in the freezer compartment must be –18 °C or colder
before freezing food.

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