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Preparing For Installation; Safety Recommendations; Examining The Installation Site; Temperature/Humidity - HP A5500 HI Series Installation Manual

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Preparing for installation

Safety recommendations

To avoid any equipment damage or bodily injury caused by improper use, read the following safety
recommendations before installation. Note that the recommendations do not cover every possible
hazardous condition.
Before cleaning the switch, unplug all power cords from the switch. Do not clean the switch with wet
cloth or liquid.
Do not place the switch near water or in a damp environment. Prevent water or moisture from
entering the switch chassis.
Do not place the switch on an unstable case or desk. The switch might be severely damaged in case
of a fall.
Ensure proper ventilation of the equipment room and keep the air inlet and outlet vents of the switch
free of obstruction.
Connect the yellow-green protection grounding cable before power-on.
Make sure that the operating voltage is in the required range.
To avoid electrical shocks, do not open the chassis while the switch is operating or when the switch
is just powered off.
When replacing FRUs, including interface cards and power supplies, wear an ESD-preventive wrist
strap to avoid damaging the units.

Examining the installation site

The A5500 HI switches must be used indoors. You can mount your switch in a rack or on a workbench,
but make sure:
Adequate clearance is reserved at the air inlet and exhaust vents for ventilation.
The rack or workbench has a good ventilation system.
Identify the hot aisle and cold aisle at the installation site, and make sure that ambient air flows into
the switch from the cold aisle and exhausts to the hot aisle.
Identify the airflow designs of neighboring devices, and prevent hot air flowing out of the bottom
device from entering the top device.
The rack is sturdy enough to support the switch and its accessories.
The rack or workbench is well earthed.
To ensure normal operation and long service life of your switch, install it in an environment that meets the
requirements described in the following subsections.


Maintain appropriate temperature and humidity in the equipment room.



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