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Planning The Cabling Scheme - HP A5500 HI Series Installation Manual

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Switch model
A5500-48G-4SFP HI (2 slots)

Planning the cabling scheme

Use CX4/SFP+ cables or SFP+/XFP transceiver modules and fibers to connect the IRF member switches.
If the IRF member switches are far away from one another, choose the SFP+ or XFP transceiver modules
with optical fibers. If the IRF member switches are all in one equipment room, choose CX4 or SFP+
For the transceiver modules and cables available for IRF connections, see
The following subsections describe several HP recommended IRF connection schemes, and all these
schemes use a ring topology.
In these schemes, all physical IRF ports are located on the same side. If physical IRF ports are on different
sides, you must measure the distance between them to select an appropriate cable.
Connecting the IRF member switches in one rack
Use short-haul and long-haul CX4/SFP+ cables to connect the IRF member switches (nine switches in this
example) in a rack as shown in
same order as connected in the rack.
Candidate physical IRF ports
The two fixed SFP+ ports on the
front panel
Ports on the 10GE XFP, SFP+,
CX4 interface cards on the rear
"10 Gbps XFP transceiver
modules," and
36. The switches in the ring topology (see
The SFP+ port numbered 53 on the
front panel and the physical ports on
interface card 2 must be bound to
the same IRF port.
The SFP+ port numbered 54 on the
front panel and the ports on
interface card 1 must be bound to
the same IRF port.
"10 Gbps SFP+ transceiver
37) are in the



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