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Powering On The Switch; Verification Before Power-On - HP A5500 HI Series Installation Manual

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Powering on the switch

Verification before power-on

Before powering on the switch, verify that:
The power cord is properly connected.
The input power voltage meets the requirement of the switch.
The console cable is properly connected, the terminal or PC used for configuration has started, and
the configuration parameters have been set.
Powering on the switch
Power on the switch, for example, an A5500-48G-4SFP HI (2 slots) switch, and you can see the following
HP A5500-48G-4SFP HI Switch with 2 interface Slots BOOTROM, Version 112
Copyright (c) 2010-2011 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
Creation Date
CPU Clock Speed : 750MHz
Memory Size
Flash Size
CPLD Version
PCB Version
Mac Address
Press Ctrl-B to enter Extended Boot menu...1
Press Ctrl + B at the prompt within one second to access the Boot menu, or wait for the system to
automatically start up.
The system has two startup modes: normal (full) startup and fast startup. By default, the system starts up in
fast mode and the waiting time is one second. If you set the startup mode to normal (full), the waiting time
is five seconds. To change the startup mode, see
If you press Ctrl + B within one second, the system displays a prompt for password:
Please input BootRom password:
Press Enter at the prompt the first time you access the switch and the following Boot menu appears:
: Jun 17 2011,17:17:50
: 1024MB
: 512MB
: 002
: Ver.B
: 00E058778800
"Changing the startup



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