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Common Specifications - Mitsubishi Electric FR-S520E Series Instruction Manual

Transistored inverter.
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Specification list

Common specifications

Control method
Output frequency range
Frequency setting resolution
Frequency accuracy
Starting torque
time setting
Braking torque
Start signal STF, STR
Multi-speed selection
Second function selection
Output stop
Current input selection
External thermal relay
Jog signal
PID control valid
PU operation /external
operation switchover
Selectable between Soft-PWM control and high carrier
frequency PWM control, selectable between V/F control and
automatic torque boost control.
0.5 to 120Hz (starting frequency variable between 0 and
5VDC input: 1/500 of max. set frequency,
10VDC, 4 to 20mADC input: 1/1000 of max. set frequency
Digital input: 0.1Hz (less than 100Hz), 1Hz (100Hz or higher)
Analog input: Within ±1% of max. output frequency
Digital input: Within ±0.5% of set output frequency (when set
by the setting dial)
150% (at 5Hz) during automatic torque boost control
0, 0.1 to 999s (acceleration and deceleration can be set
individually), linear or S-pattern acceleration/deceleration
mode can be selected.
0.1K, 0.2K ... 150%, 0.4K, 0.75K ... 100%, 1.5K ... 50%,
2.2K, 3.7K ... 20%
DC injection
Operation frequency (0 to 120Hz), operation time (0 to 10s),
operation voltage (0 to 15%)
Analog input 0 to 5VDC, 0 to 10VDC, 4 to 20mA
Digital input
Entered from operation panel
Forward and reverse rotation, start signal
automatic self-holding input (3-wire input) can be
Reset the alarm output when the protective
function is activated.
Up to 15 speeds can be selected. (Each speed
can be set between 0 and 120Hz, running speed
can be changed during operation from the
operation panel.)
Used to select second functions (acceleration
time, deceleration time, torque boost, base
frequency, electronic thermal relay function).
Instantaneous shut-off of inverter output
(frequency, voltage)
Used to select frequency setting signal 4 to 20
mA (terminal 4).
Thermal relay contact input for use when the
inverter is stopped by the external thermal relay.
Jog operation mode selection
Selection for exercising PID control
Used to switch between PU operation and
external operation from outside the inverter.
Pr. 60 to
Pr. 63 for



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