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Current Average Value Monitor Signal (h3, H4, H5) - Mitsubishi Electric FR-S520E Series Instruction Manual

Transistored inverter.
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Maintenance function
1) H1 (Pr. 503) "maintenance timer"
•The cumulative energization time of the inverter is stored into the EEPROM every
hour and indicated in 1000h increments. (Cannot be written.)
•The maintenance timer is clamped at 999 (999000h).
2) H2 (Pr. 504) "maintenance alarm output set time"
•Set the time when the maintenance timer alarm signal (Y95) is output.
•The setting unit is 1000h.
The factory setting (36000h) is the guideline for the main circuit smoothing capacitor life (about 10
years in the operating environment of 40°C ambient temperature, 10h/day, and 365 days/year) of
the inverter. The lifetime changes depending on the operating environment of the inverter.
3) Maintenance timer alarm signal (Y95)
•Made valid by setting "95" (maintenance timer alarm output signal) in Pr. 64 or Pr.
65 (output terminal function selection).
•If the value set in H2 is equal to or greater than the H1 setting, the maintenance
timer alarm output (Y95) turns off.
Related parameters
Assignment of Y95 signal to terminal
terminal function selection" (Refer to page 110)
2.12.2 Current average value monitor signal
The average value of the output current during constant speed operation and
the maintenance timer value (maintenance parameter H1) are output as pulses
to the current average value monitor signal (Y93).
The pulse width measured by inputting the signal to the I/O module of the PLC
or the like can be used as a guideline for increase in output current due to
abrasion of peripheral machines and elongation of belt and for aged
deterioration of peripheral devices to know the maintenance time.
The current average value monitor signal (Y93) is output as pulse for 20s as 1
cycle and repeatedly output during constant speed operation.
H3 (555)
Current average time
H4 (556)
Data output mask time
Current average value monitor
H5 (557)
signal output reference current
The parameter number in parentheses is the one for use with the parameter unit (FR-PU04).
, H4
, H5
Parts have
reached their life
Pr. 64 "RUN terminal function selection", Pr. 65 "A, B, C
Output unit
Input unit
Factory Setting Setting Range
0.1 to 1s
Setting is
0 to 20s
enabled when
Pr. 30 = "1"
0.1 to 999A



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