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Cisco SPA 525G2 User Manual

Vodafone one net phone
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Vodafone One Net
Cisco SPA 525G2 IP phone user guide


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Cisco SPA 525G2

  • Page 1 Vodafone One Net Cisco SPA 525G2 IP phone user guide...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Using the speakerphone ....................................10 Using wired and wireless headsets ...............................10 Switching between the handset, headset and speakerphone during a call .............13 Chapter 2 – Installing your Cisco SPA 525G IP phone ........................14 Installing your phone ......................................14 Before you start ........................................14 Connecting the handset .....................................14...
  • Page 3 Receiving mobile calls using the Cisco SPA 525G2 ........................37 Switching audio from Your Cisco SPA 525G2 to your mobile ...................38 Viewing mobile phone battery and signal information on your Cisco SPA 525G2 ..........38 Charging Your Mobile Phone Using Your Cisco SPA 525G2 ....................39 Playing MP3 files on your phone ..................................40...
  • Page 4: Chapter 1 - Getting Started

    Chapter 1 – Getting started Important information Before using the Cisco SPA 525G2 for the first time, please make sure you read the instructions on phone safety and disposal, as well as the setup information in this guide. Supported features There are a number of features on the 525 which are not supported with Vodafone One Net but appear on the user menu.
  • Page 5: Welcome To Vodafone One Net

    It integrates your fixed and mobile phones – and gives you landline numbers on your mobile - so you’ll never miss a business call. This guide is designed to introduce you to the Cisco 525G2 and the features associated with Vodafone One Net.
  • Page 6: Looking After Your Phone

    Looking after your phone To keep your Cisco IP phone as good as new, avoid exposure to excessive heat, sun, cold temperatures and water. To clean it, use a slightly moistened paper or cloth towel – don’t spray or pour cleaning solution directly on to the unit.
  • Page 7 IP phone features Phone feature Description Handset Pick up to answer or make calls Speaker Use this when you put a call on loudspeaker Message waiting indicator When this is: Red: you’ve got a new voicemail message Flashing red: you’ve got an incoming call LCD screen Your phone may vary, but the screen typically displays: Date and time...
  • Page 8: Soft Key Buttons

    ‘More’ soft key when available. The following table shows some of the typical soft key buttons available on the Cisco 525G2 (in alphabetical order). You might not have all of them on your phone, and you may have more buttons that aren’t listed here.
  • Page 9: Using The Keypad And Menu Buttons

    Hold Place a call on hold. See ‘Putting a call on hold’ Ignore Ignore an incoming call List In some menus, pressing ‘List’ will show a list of pre-set items Miss See all your missed calls Next Move to the next item in a list (e.g. a song in an MP3 playlist) Option Enter a sub-menu Paste...
  • Page 10: Entering Numbers And Text In Fields

    Entering numbers and text in fields When you enter numbers and letters on an IP phone, you can use the keypad and/or soft key buttons. In general, the following guidelines apply:  Use the keypad to enter numbers and characters – press the keys multiple times to choose the number or letter you need.
  • Page 11 Connecting a Bluetooth headset Before you connect a Bluetooth headset, you’ll need to enable Bluetooth on your phone: 1. Press the Setup button. 2. Choose ‘User preferences’. 3. Choose ‘Bluetooth configuration’. 4. With Bluetooth selected, press the right arrow key to turn Bluetooth on. 5.
  • Page 12 4. Scroll to ‘Bluetooth mode’ and press the right arrow key to choose one of the following: a. Phone - choose this option if you want your Cisco SPA 525G2 IP phone to be paired with a Bluetooth headset only (i.e. you don’t want to pair it with a Bluetooth-enabled phone as well) b.
  • Page 13: Switching Between The Handset, Headset And Speakerphone During A Call

    Switching between the handset, headset and speakerphone during a call You can choose to use your handset, headset or speakerphone during a call, but only one can be used during each call. You can keep the handset on the hook when you use the speakerphone or headset. Here’s how to switch between audio options: Handset to speakerphone –...
  • Page 14: Chapter 2 - Installing Your Cisco Spa 525G Ip Phone

    Chapter 2 – Installing your Cisco SPA 525G IP phone Installing your phone Your Cisco 525G2 phone will have been set up by a Vodafone One Net engineer, so it should already be correctly installed and working. However, the information within this section of the guide will help you move a phone to another location or swap it with another device.
  • Page 15: Attaching The Desk Stand

    Attaching the desk stand Note: If you want to mount the phone to a wall, you don’t need to attach the desk stand. If you’re also attaching a Cisco SPA attendant console, you should attach the console before attaching the desk stand.
  • Page 16: Mounting The Phone To The Wall

    Mounting the phone to the wall To mount your IP phone to a wall, you’ll need the MB100 wall mount bracket kit (you’ll need to buy this separately). MB100 wall mount kit 1. Align the bracket with the holes in the phone’s base. 2.
  • Page 17 4. Plug in the Ethernet and power cables. 5. Mount the phone on the wall using screws Version 1.5 17 of 47...
  • Page 18: Chapter 3 - Using Basic Phone Functions

    Chapter 3 – Using basic phone functions This chapter will show you how to use the basic functions of your Cisco SPA 525G2 IP phone, and includes the following sections:  Making and answering calls  Adjusting the call volume and muting ...
  • Page 19: Adjusting Call Volume And Muting

     Press the ‘New Call’ soft key. If only one call is on hold for the current line this will place the new call on the same line, otherwise the other line will be used (provided there are less than two calls already held on it).
  • Page 20: Transferring Calls

    Transferring calls You can make two types of call transfers: Assisted – Dial the person you’re transferring to – and speak to them before transferring the call Unassisted (blind) – Transfer the call without speaking to the person you’re transferring it to Making an assisted call transfer 1.
  • Page 21: Viewing A List Of Missed Calls

    Viewing a list of missed calls  When the LCD screen shows a missed call, press the ‘Miss’ soft key to view a list of missed calls  When the LCD screen doesn’t show a missed call: 1. Press the Setup button. 2.
  • Page 22: Turning The Missed Calls Shortcut On And Off

    Turning the missed calls shortcut on and off Choose how missed call notifications appear on your LCD screen - just follow these steps: 1. Press ‘Setup’. 2. Scroll to ‘User Preferences’ and press ‘Select’. 3. Choose ‘Call preferences’. 4. Scroll to ‘Miss call shortcut’. 5.
  • Page 23: Forwarding Calls When You Don't Answer

    Forwarding calls when you don’t answer 1. In the ‘Call preferences’ screen, scroll to ‘Forward no ans number’. 2. Enter the number you want to forward all calls to - for example, another extension number or an external number – or enter ‘121’ to forward calls to voicemail. If you want to forward calls to an external number, make sure you enter any access or area codes (if applicable).
  • Page 24: Using Call Pickup

    2. Press ‘Select’ Using the phone directories On the Cisco 525G2 IP phone, you’ll get several different types of phone directories, depending on the model you have and what your Vodafone One Net administrator has set up for your company account.
  • Page 25: Using Your Personal Address Book

    Using your personal address book To access the phone directory, press the Directory button or Setup button, choose ‘Directories’ then ‘personal address book’. You’ll find the following options in the address book:  Options - press this and choose one of the following: o Search - find the name of the person you want to contact o Delete - if you want to remove a contact o Copy - if you want to copy a contact...
  • Page 26: Using The Vodafone One Net Directory

    Searching for a contact 1. In the personal address book screen, press ‘Option’ and choose ‘Search’. 2. Enter the person’s name – as you type, a list of names will appear. Scroll to highlight the entry you want. 3. Press ‘Dial’ to call the contact or ‘Option’ to delete, copy or edit their details. Deleting a contact 1.
  • Page 27: Using The Call History Lists

    Using the call history lists Viewing call history lists 1. Press the Setup button. 2. Scroll to ‘Call history’ and choose ‘Select. 3. Choose the call history list you want to view: a. All calls – shows all the calls that have been made, received and missed on your phone. b.
  • Page 28: Accessing Voicemail

    Accessing voicemail To access your voicemail, press the Messages button on your phone. Your Vodafone One Net administrator should set your phone up with the correct voicemail number so Messages button automatically dials your voicemail inbox. Version 1.5 28 of 47...
  • Page 29: Chapter 4 - Using Advanced Phone Features

    Chapter 4 – Using advanced phone features This chapter shows you how to set up and use advanced features on your Cisco SPA 525G2 IP phone, and contains the following sections:  Setting up privacy and security features  Creating and using speed dials ...
  • Page 30: Creating And Using Speed Dials

    To lock your phone: 1. Press the Setup button. 2. Scroll to ‘Device Administration’ and press ‘Select’. 3. Choose ‘Logout’ and press ‘Select’. 4. Press ‘OK’. To unlock your phone: 1. Press the Setup button. 2. Scroll to ‘Device Administration’ and press ‘Select’. 3.
  • Page 31: Using Your Ip Phone With Your Bluetooth-Enabled Mobile

    You can do the following:  Pair your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone and Cisco SPA 525G2. Your mobile is assigned a line button on your Cisco SPA 525G2. You can make and receive mobile calls using the Cisco SPA 525G2  Switch audio for in-progress calls between your mobile phone and the Cisco SPA 525G2 ...
  • Page 32: Pairing Your Cisco Spa 525G2 With A Bluetooth-Enabled Mobile

    Bluetooth headset. (See “Connecting Bluetooth Headsets” section on page 18 for more information on Bluetooth headsets.) Note: Your Cisco SPA 525G2 will connect to only one device at a time (either the Bluetooth headset or the Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone.). If multiple Bluetooth devices are in range of the Cisco SPA 525G2, the order of devices in the ‘Bluetooth Configuration >...
  • Page 33 The following example uses an Apple iPhone. Before starting, it’s helpful to find the MAC address of your Cisco SPA 525G2 IP phone. From your IP phone, go to the ‘Setup’ menu and select ‘Status’. Select ‘Product Information’. The MAC address is displayed.
  • Page 34 When paired with your mobile phone, the Cisco SPA 525G2 display screen assigns one of your line buttons to the mobile phone. A mobile phone icon with a flashing lightning bolt icon is displayed next to the mobile phone name, number, or other identifier (such as the phone model) for your phone.
  • Page 35: Importing Your Mobile Phone Address Book Into The Cisco Spa 525G2

    Cisco SPA 525G2 release notes available at To import your mobile phone book into the personal address book on the Cisco SPA 525G2: 1. Press the ‘Directory’ softkey, or press the ‘Setup’ button and select ‘Directories’.
  • Page 36: Making A Mobile Call From Your Cisco Spa 525G2

    525G2 acts as a handsfree device for your phone. The call is made through your mobile phone, but the audio is present on the Cisco SPA 525G2 and the call control is done using the Cisco SPA 525G2, unless you switch back to your mobile phone.
  • Page 37: Receiving Mobile Calls Using The Cisco Spa 525G2

    The audio goes through the Cisco SPA 525G2, although the mobile phone display also shows a connected call. Receiving mobile calls using the Cisco SPA 525G2 If your mobile phone is paired with the Cisco SPA 525G2, an incoming call to your mobile phone is also shown on the Cisco SPA 525G2. Version 1.5...
  • Page 38: Switching Audio From Your Cisco Spa 525G2 To Your Mobile

    Switching audio from Your Cisco SPA 525G2 to your mobile Note: You can only switch audio back and forth between the Cisco SPA 525G2 and your mobile phone if the call is connected using the Cisco SPA 525G2-to-mobile phone feature. (For example, you cannot switch a call on your Cisco SPA 525G2 that is not associated with your mobile phone.)
  • Page 39: Charging Your Mobile Phone Using Your Cisco Spa 525G2

     Network (optional)—May show the phone network for your mobile phone. Charging Your Mobile Phone Using Your Cisco SPA 525G2 You can use the USB port on the Cisco SPA 525G2 model to charge your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone if your phone has a mini-USB port.
  • Page 40: Playing Mp3 Files On Your Phone

    2. Create a directory named ‘mp3’ on the USB device and copy the audio files into that directory. 3. Remove the USB device from your PC and insert it into the USB slot on the Cisco SPA 525G2. 4. Press the ‘Setup’ button.
  • Page 41: Changing The Left And Right Channel For Stereo Headsets

    Changing the Left and Right Channel for Stereo Headsets When using a stereo headset inserted into the Cisco SPA 525G2, you may need to switch the audio left and right channels to hear the correct audio channel in the right or left ear. To change the audio: 1.
  • Page 42: Setting The Screen Backlight Timer

    Setting the screen backlight timer You can set a timer for your screen so that your LCD screen becomes dark after a specified time when the phone is idle: 1. Press the ‘Setup’ button. 2. Scroll to ‘User Preferences’ and press ‘Select’. 3.
  • Page 43: Using Ringtones

    Using ringtones Each extension of your phone can have a different ring tone. To change a ring tone: 1. Press the ‘Setup’ button. 2. Scroll to ‘User Preferences’ and press ‘Select’. 3. Scroll to ‘Audio Preferences’ and press ‘Select’. 4. Scroll to the extension for which you want to select a ring tone and press the ‘Right Arrow’ key. 5.
  • Page 44: Viewing Network Information

    Call statistics history – this details information about individual calls Viewing peripheral status To see information about phone peripherals, like a USB memory stick or Cisco SPA attendant console: 1. Press the Setup button 2. Scroll to ‘Status’ and press ‘Select’...
  • Page 45: Using Fac Codes

    Feature Access Codes (also known as FAC codes). Note: After each code entry, press ‘Confirm’ to activate. Breakout Code The following Feature Access Code is available and can be initiated from your Cisco SPA 514G2. Feature Access Code Behaviour...
  • Page 46: Do Not Disturb

    ALL incoming calls will get a number not in use tone and drop, they will not go to 1229 voicemail. Do not disturb The following Feature Access Codes are available and can be initiated from your Cisco SPA 514G2 Feature Access Code Behaviour Activates Do not disturb for the phone you’re calling from.
  • Page 47: Call Pickup

    In the cases where a subscriber has subscribed to always restrict the Caller ID by default, it is possible to allow Caller ID on a per call basis, by dialling 1470 followed by the target number. Call pickup The following Feature Access Codes are available and can be initiated from your Cisco SPA 514G2. Feature Access Code Behaviour...

Table of Contents