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Routine Care; General Cleaning Safety Precautions; Cleaning The Computer Case; Cleaning The Keyboard - HP Z4 G4 Maintenance And Service Manual

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Never cover the ventilation slots on the monitor with any type of material.
Install or enable power management functions of the operating system or other software, including
sleep states.

Routine care

General cleaning safety precautions

Never use solvents or flammable solutions to clean the computer.
Never immerse any parts in water or cleaning solutions; apply any liquids to a clean cloth and then use
the cloth on the component.
Always unplug the computer when cleaning with liquids or damp cloths.
Always unplug the computer before cleaning the keyboard, mouse, or air vents.
Disconnect the keyboard before cleaning it.
Wear safety glasses equipped with side shields when cleaning the keyboard.

Cleaning the computer case

Follow all safety precautions in
To clean the computer case, follow the procedures described below:
To remove light stains or dirt, use plain water with a clean, lint-free cloth or swab.
For stronger stains, use a mild dishwashing liquid diluted with water. Rinse well by wiping the surface
with a cloth or swab dampened with clear water.
For stubborn stains, use isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. No rinsing is needed; alcohol will evaporate quickly
without leaving a residue.
After cleaning, always wipe the unit with a clean, lint-free cloth.
Occasionally clean the air vents on the computer. Lint and other foreign matter can block the vents and
limit the airflow.

Cleaning the keyboard

Follow all safety precautions in
To clean the tops of the keys or the keyboard body, follow the procedures described in
case on page
When cleaning debris from under the keys, review all rules in
before following these procedures:
the keys.
Visible debris underneath or between the keys may be removed by vacuuming or shaking.
Canned, pressurized air may be used to clean debris from under the keys. Caution should be used as too
much air pressure can dislodge lubricants applied under the wide keys.
Chapter 3 Routine care, SATA drive guidelines, and disassembly preparation
General cleaning safety precautions on page 12
General cleaning safety precautions on page 12
Use safety glasses equipped with side shields before attempting to clean debris from under
before cleaning the computer.
before cleaning the keyboard.
General cleaning safety precautions on page 12
Cleaning the computer


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