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Cleaning Methods - Kärcher puzzi 100 Operating Instructions Manual

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Putting into practical use
n Mix cleaning agent (RM) and clean water
thoroughly in a clean container in accordance
with the instructions (Fig. 3).
n Fill fresh-water tank up to the "Max." line, but
not above this (Fig 4).
Note: Warm water increases cleaning efficiency
(max. 50 ° C).
n Place dirty-water container in the housing and
put the lid on.
n Put power plug in the socket.
n Switch on unit with the "Suction" and "Spray"
buttons (Fig. 5).
n To spray - press lever on grip section and
keep it pressed. By doing so the cleaning
solution is sprayed on and in the same
process is vacuumed up (Fig. 6).
n Go over the surface to be cleaned in
overlapping strips with the relevant nozzle,
put on the nozzle and work backwards
(Fig. 6).
n When the dirty-water reservoir is full or the
fresh-water tank is empty, it is essential to
turn the unit off with the "Suction" and "Spray"
n Remove cover, take out dirty-water reservoir
and empty it (Figs 7, 8).
n Repeat working steps if necessary.
Cleaning carpets and upholstery
n For cleaning carpets, apply the 230 mm floor
n For cleaning upholstery, stair carpets, wall
hangings or the inside of the car, apply the
110 mm hand nozzle ( optional accessory ).
n When cleaning upholstery, the amount of
cleaning solution must be reduced for delicate
fabrics and the surface wetted at a distance of
approx. 200 mm.

Cleaning methods

Normally dirty carpets:
n In the normal spray-extraction process the
cleaning solution is sprayed on and vacuumed
up immediately.
n Vacuuming again without spraying shortens
the drying time.
On very dirty surfaces or stains:
n First spray cleaning solution on to these
areas and leave it to take effect for approx.
10–15 mins. Then go over the areas as
already described.
n To get the best results, go over the area again
with clean warm water only. In this way the
residue of detergent is reduced further and
the dissolved dirt fully washed away.
Tips for working with the cleaner
Carpeting, carpets and above all genuine
Oriental carpets should be tested in an
inconspicuous place to make sure they are
colourfast and water resistant
– The more sensitive the covering (Oriental
rugs, Berber carpets, upholstery material),
the less detergent should be used.
– Hemp-backed carpeting can shrink if it is
worked too wet and the colour will run.
– Brush deep pile carpets when they are wet in
the direction of the pile (e.g. with a pile brush
or scrubber).
– You will achieve better cleaning results if you
use warm water (up to a max. 50 ° C).
– Spray badly stained areas separately and
leave the detergent for 5–10 mins to take
– Always work from light to dark, that means
from windows to doors.
– Always work from the cleaned area to the
non-cleaned area.
– After a textile covering has been cleaned wet,
it should be treated to prevent it from
becoming dirty again too quickly. We recom-
mend the use of our Care Tex RM 762 with
dirt repellent and antistatic agent.
– Do not walk on cleaned areas or place
furniture on them until they have dried (risk of
rust stains or pressure marks).
– For carpets which have been shampooed,
the foam in the dirty-water reservoir has to be
This is done in the puzzi 200 by putting
defoamer (RM 761) into the defoamer
container. The dosage will be seen by opening
and closing the container lid.
In the puzzi 100 the defoamer is put directly
into the dirty-water reservoir.



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