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Operating The Cleaner - Kärcher puzzi 100 Operating Instructions Manual

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Please first unfold the left cover
for the illustrations.
1 Housing
2 Carrying handle
3 Fresh-water tank with suction strainer
4 Dirty-water reservoir, removable
5 Cover
6 Spraying: switch on and off
7 Vacuuming: switch on and off
8 Spray and suction hose complete
9 Power plug with cable
10 Floor nozzle for cleaning carpets – working
width 230 mm
11 Hand nozzle for cleaning upholstery – working
width 110 mm ( optional accessory )
12 Defoamer container ( puzzi 200 only )
13 Storage compartment for RM 760, tabs
( puzzi 200 only )
14 Additional connector for the Profi washing head
PW 10 ( puzzi 200 only )
Optional accessories
We offer various optional accessories for a wider
variety of applications.
See them in our catalogue or ask at your nearest
Kärcher retail outlet.
Important information
For your safety
Take note also of all instructions enclosed with
the detergents used.
The recommended detergents may not be used
undiluted. The products are safe to use because
they contain no acids, alkalis or substances
harmful to the environment. We advise you to
store the detergents so that they are inaccessible
to children, to bathe the eyes thoroughly with
water should the detergents come into contact
with them and to consult a doctor should they be
Legal regulations should be observed for
disposal of dirty water and detergent solution.
When using the Profi washing head the related
safety notes and operating instructions must be
For the sake of the environment
When you unpack the unit do not simply throw
packaging out with the household rubbish.
Hand over the different parts of the packaging
to the appropriate collection points for
The applicable warranty conditions in different
countries are issued by the respective national
distributor of our products. During the warranty
period, any malfunctions of the cleaner caused
by a material or manufacturing defect will be
repaired free of charge.
In the event of a warranty claim, please take the
cleaner, with the accessories and proof of
purchase, to your original dealer or to the nearest
authorised customer service centre.

Operating the cleaner

Using the cleaner correctly
This unit is designated for industrial use.
– as a wet cleaner for carpets and carpeting
– in accordance with the explanatory details
and safety information contained in these
operating instructions
Using the cleaner in any other way is considered
to be contrary to its intended purpose. The
manufacturer will not be liable for any damages
that occur as a result of improper usage. In such
cases liability rests solely with the user.
Putting into operation for the first time
n Put the suction hose of the spray-suction
hose on to the connector on the unit (Fig. 1a).
Press the coupling of the spray hose on to the
connector. Make sure they engage properly
(Fig. 1b).
n Place the spray-suction hose firmly on the
grip section (Fig. 2a) and place the coupling
of the spray hose on the connector of the grip
section. Make sure they engage properly
(Fig. 2b).
n Put on the suction tube and floor nozzle and
make the connection secure by turning the
union nut by hand in an anti-clockwise
Important note: Make sure that the spray tube
lying inside the tube is properly connected,
otherwise this will lead to a malfunctioning of the
n The hand nozzle for cleaning upholstery
( optional accessory ) is placed directly on the
spray-suction hose.



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