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Cleaning Methods; Puzzi - Kärcher Puzzi 30/4 User Manual

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Table of Contents
Flush appliance
 Connect the manifold (with suction pipe
and nozzle) to the suction hose.
 Connect the coupling of the spray hose
with the manifold and snap in place.
 Fill approx. 0.5 gal (2 litres) of fresh wa-
ter into the fresh water reservoir.
Do not add any detergents.
 Set rotary switch to spraying. Spray
pump is switched on.
 Hold floor nozzle over a drain.
 Activate lever on bender and flush the
appliance for appr. 1 to 2 minutes.
 Switch off the appliance, in order to do
so, set the rotary switch to 0/OFF.
After each operation
 Flush appliance.
 Dismantle the bonnet, unlock and re-
move the filter casing. Clean the bonnet
under running water.
 Empty the wastewater container and
clean it under running water.
 Empty the fresh water reservoir.
 Clean the outside of the appliance with
a damp cloth.
 Remove all water from the appliance
prior to longer periods of non-use to
avoid offensive odours.
 Allow appliance to dry thoroughly: Un-
lock the bonnet, swivel it upwards and
snap it in place at the locking devices.
Remove the lid of the fresh water tank.
Storing the Appliance
 Place the floor nozzle in the tray and
snap the suction pipe into the holder.
 Store the suction hose and the mains
cable as shown in the illustration.
 Place the appliance in a dry room and
secure it from unauthorized use.

Cleaning methods

Normal soiling
 Spray and suction off detergent solution
in one work cycle.
Note: Repeated suctioning without spray-
ing will shorten the drying time.
Strong soiling or stains
 Apply detergent solution with suction
turbine turned off and soak for 10 to 15
 Clean the surface just like with normal
 In order to further improve the cleaning
result, the surface can be recleaned us-
ing clear, warm water.
Upholstery cleaning
 Attach hand nozzle (optional accesso-
ry) instead of the floor nozzle.
 With sensitive materials, use less deter-
gent and spray the surface at a distance
of approx. 7.9 in (200 mm). Then simply
vacuum off.
– Highly soiled spots should be pre-
soaked and the detergent solution
should soak 5 to 10 minutes.
– Always work from the light to the shade
(from the window to the door).
– Always work from the cleaned to the un-
cleaned surface.
– The more sensitive the surface (oriental
rugs, berbers, upholstery material) the
lower the cleaning solution concentra-
tion should be.
– Rugs with jute backing can shrink if too
much water is used and can bleed col-
– Brush high-fiber rugs in the direction of
the weave after cleaning (using a fiber
brush or a scrubber).
– Water-proofing the fabric using Care
Tex RM 762 after the wet cleaning pre-
vents a quick resoiling of the textile sur-
– 4
Cleaning tips


Table of Contents

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