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Cfr Application Management; Parameter Selection - Ford VCM II Operator's Manual

Customer flight recorder
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b) Anytime IDS connects to the VCM II, the CFR application will suspend and return the
11. Connect VCM II - CFR to Vehicle, as indicated by the IDS connection screen.

CFR Application Management

IDS will manage CFR application versions. In general, the CFR application resident on the PC will be
installed on the VCM II.

Parameter Selection

The Parameter Selection screen will appear with the default parameters and units selected. This screen
allows the selection of parameters and units, the selection from previously saved settings, capture times,
and select and deselect triggers.
The Diagnostic Trouble Code Count parameter, when available, is a pre-selected, pre-defined trigger used
for auto-capture, and cannot be deselected.
VCM II Customer Flight Recorder Operator's Manual
VCM II to IDS mode. When this occurs, all recordings will remain in memory until
uploaded and the CFR will restart when disconnected from IDS.
Figure 3.0
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Version 2.0

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