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Vcm Ii - Cfr Support - Ford VCM II Operator's Manual

Customer flight recorder
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Pendant Displays a "C" or
Flashing "C"

VCM II - CFR Support

If the VCM II is still inoperable after performing these checks, contact your regional technical
support for assistance.
VCM II Customer Flight Recorder Operator's Manual
seconds, (some vehicles may take longer). If the VCM II -
CFR goes back to sleep, check the connections at the VCM
II - CFR and the DLC connection on the vehicle. If all the
connections are good and secure, the ignition key is in the
ON or RUN position and the VCM II - CFR still does not
wake up, select VCM II - CFR Setup from the IDS menu
to reconfigure device.
After updating the VCM II - CFR software, the display
window on the Pendant may show a flashing "C". The
flashing "C" indicates the configuration files downloaded
to the VCM II - CFR is either (1) not available or (2) has
been corrupted. Please select VCM II - CFR Setup from
the IDS menu to resolve this condition.
- 24 -
Version 2.0

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