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User Interface (Pendant) - Ford VCM II Operator's Manual

Customer flight recorder
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User Interface (Pendant)

There are five (5) different functions on the Pendant; a manual Trigger Button, a seven (7) segment LED
display, a GREEN Power LED, a YELLOW vehicle communication LED, and an audible Buzzer.
A - Manual Trigger Button
B - LED (seven segment)
C - Green Power LED
D - Yellow Vehicle Communication LED
Manual Trigger Button (A)
This is used to manually trigger a recording of vehicle information. Once the VCM II - CFR has been
configured, each time the Trigger Button is depressed a recording will be made.
Note: Once all recordings have been captured, pressing the Trigger Button again will overwrite the first
captured recording.
On certain vehicle applications the Trigger Button may need to be pressed to wake the VCM II -
CFR up from Sleep Mode before a vehicle recording can be made.
On certain vehicle applications the VCM II - CFR may not automatically wake up when the
ignition key is turned ON or the vehicle is started. This is determined if the GREEN and YELLOW
LEDs and the digital display window do not light up when the key is turned to the ON or RUN
position. If the VCM II - CFR does not automatically wake up, press the Trigger Button on the end
of the Pendant to wake up the VCM II - CFR. Once the Trigger Button is pressed the YELLOW
Vehicle Communication LED will flash while the VCM II - CFR attempts to establish
communication with the vehicle. If communication is established, the YELLOW Vehicle
Communication LED will stop flashing and the LED display window will illuminate. If the VCM II
- CFR is unable to establish communications with the vehicle, it will go back to sleep in
approximately 60 seconds. If the VCM II - CFR goes back to sleep, check the connections at the
VCM II - CFR and the DLC connection on the vehicle. If all the connections are good and secure,
the ignition key is in the ON or RUN position and the VCM II - CFR still does not wake up, see
VCM II - CFR Support Section for instructions.
LED (seven segment) Display (B)
This digital display window shows the number of recordings that have been made since the VCM II - CFR
was Setup for a particular vehicle. Once the maximum number of recordings have been made with the
CFR, the display number will flash. While making a recording the display segments will rotate in a
clockwise direction, and when the VCM II - CFR is being uploaded the display segments will rotate in a
counterclockwise direction. When the VCM II - CFR is in Sleep Mode the display will be blank.
VCM II Customer Flight Recorder Operator's Manual
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