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Introduction; System Components; Standard Equipment - Ford VCM II Operator's Manual

Customer flight recorder
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This guide has been developed to assist you in the installation and operation of the VCM II Customer
Flight Recorder.
Please read and understand the important safety information contained in this guide before you install and
use the VCM II - CFR. You are advised to keep this guide in a location where it will be readily accessible
for reference and troubleshooting. The information contained in this document is supplementary to any
Ford IDS Training Courses.
The CFR is an application that is designed to be installed and run on the VCM II. The VCM II - CFR tool
is intended to be used for capturing and storing vehicle communications network data, without needing to
have a continuous connection to the IDS PC. This tool will retrieve, via the vehicle's Diagnostic Link
Connector (DLC), selected parameters for monitoring and recording. The CFR can be installed in the
customer's vehicle for obtaining data when drivability symptoms (or other customer-complaint symptoms)
are encountered. The CFR can be configured with vehicle specific information using the IDS software. The
process of configuring the CFR is referenced as Setup. Upon completion of vehicle testing, the CFR will
pass the recorded data and any associated information back to the IDS, (this process will be referenced as
Upload). After the data has been uploaded from the CFR to the IDS PC, the data can be viewed in a similar
application like Datalogger Playback.

System Components

These VCM II - CFR components are listed for information only. Some of the items may be optional based
on the VCM II kits available for your market. Please check contents against the manifest list supplied with
your VCM II. The following is a list of hardware items required to operate the VCM II as a Customer
Flight Recorder.

Standard Equipment

VCM II kit (Including CFR
VCM II Customer Flight Recorder Operator's Manual
(OR) The following Components
Contains the VCM II, DLC Cable , and Pendant
Contains the VCM II and DLC Cable (164-R9801)
VCM II - CFR Pendant
- 4 -
Version 2.0

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