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Ford VCM II Operator's Manual page 13

Customer flight recorder
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1. Connect the VP-2, Pendant Cable to the VCM II - CFR.
NOTICE: NEVER connect or disconnect the vehicle cable from the VCM II - CFR while it is
connected to the DLC. Failure to do so may result in a DLC fuse failure.
WARNING: If the VCM II - CFR is being used in a moving vehicle, ensure that the VCM II -
CFR and cables do not distract or interfere with the driver, or form a hazard in any way.
2. Placement of the VCM II - CFR will require some discretion, as vehicle configurations vary. Secure
the device in the vehicle in such a way that it DOES NOT become entangled with the driver or vehicle
Position the VCM II - CFR on the front passenger floor area of vehicle (or) under the front
passenger seat. If placed under the seat, remember to secure, using the provided straps, in
such a way that it DOES NOT interfere with proper seat operation.
3. When connecting DLC to the vehicle, route cable above column as shown in figure 7.1.
VCM II Customer Flight Recorder Operator's Manual
- 13 -
Version 2.0

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