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File Naming - Ford VCM II Operator's Manual

Customer flight recorder
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Anytime IDS connects to a VCM II that is running the CFR application, IDS will switch the
VCM II from CFR to IDS mode.
3. Press Tick to continue.
The VCM II - CFR application will be configured OFF and will not auto-start when VCM
II is power cycled.
The VCM II will continue to function in IDS Mode until the VCM II - CFR Setup process
is completed once again.
The IDS will establish communications with, and check vehicle information from the
VCM II - CFR against the vehicle information from the current active session on IDS.
4. When upload is complete, save the recordings by entering a filename followed by a description
of the file (see File Naming).
Parameters and modules selected during VCM II - CFR Setup, not available on the vehicle or not
responding, will be listed on an information screen during the upload process.

File Naming

After all files have been uploaded from the VCM II - CFR, a dialog box will appear to name the recordings.
File management procedures and any necessary data transformations will also be done at this time.
VCM II Customer Flight Recorder Operator's Manual
a) If the vehicle information on the VCM II - CFR matches the active session on the
IDS, the data will be uploaded and saved with the current session (see step 4).
b) If the vehicle information on the VCM II - CFR does not match the active session
on IDS:
i. Place the current vehicle session on hold, complete, or delete the session.
ii. Select VCM II - CFR Upload from Vehicle Identification. This will
automatically open the previously saved vehicle session, if available, or
create a new session as required.
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Version 2.0

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