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Mitsubishi Electric R64MTCPU User Manual

Motion controller, melsec iq-r series.
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MELSEC iQ-R Motion Controller
User's Manual


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 MELSEC iQ-R Motion Controller User's Manual -R16MTCPU -R32MTCPU -R64MTCPU...
  • Page 3: Safety Precautions

    SAFETY PRECAUTIONS (Read these precautions before using this product.) Before using this product, please read this manual and the relevant manuals carefully and pay full attention to safety to handle the product correctly. The precautions given in this manual are concerned with this product only. Refer to MELSEC iQ-R Module Configuration Manual for a description of the PLC system safety precautions.
  • Page 4 [Design Precautions] WARNING ● For the operating status of each station after a communication failure, refer to manuals relevant to the network. Incorrect output or malfunction due to a communication failure may result in an accident. ● When connecting an external device with a CPU module or intelligent function module to modify data of a running programmable controller, configure an interlock circuit in the program to ensure that the entire system will always operate safely.
  • Page 5 [Design Precautions] CAUTION ● Do not install the control lines or communication cables together with the main circuit lines or power cables. Keep a distance of 100mm or more between them. Failure to do so may result in malfunction due to noise. ●...
  • Page 6 [Installation Precautions] CAUTION ● Use the programmable controller in an environment that meets the general specifications in the Safety Guidelines included with the base unit. Failure to do so may result in electric shock, fire, malfunction, or damage to or deterioration of the product. ●...
  • Page 7 [Wiring Precautions] CAUTION ● Individually ground the FG and LG terminals of the programmable controller with a ground resistance of 100 ohms or less. Failure to do so may result in electric shock or malfunction. ● Use applicable solderless terminals and tighten them within the specified torque range. If any spade solderless terminal is used, it may be disconnected when the terminal screw comes loose, resulting in failure.
  • Page 8 [Startup and Maintenance Precautions] WARNING ● Do not touch any terminal while power is on. Doing so will cause electric shock or malfunction. ● Correctly connect the battery connector. Do not charge, disassemble, heat, short-circuit, solder, or throw the battery into the fire. Also, do not expose it to liquid or strong shock. Doing so may cause the battery to generate heat, explode, ignite, or leak, resulting in injury or fire.
  • Page 9 [Startup and Maintenance Precautions] CAUTION ● Startup and maintenance of a control panel must be performed by qualified maintenance personnel with knowledge of protection against electric shock. Lock the control panel so that only qualified maintenance personnel can operate it. ●...
  • Page 10 [Transportation Precautions] CAUTION ● When transporting lithium batteries, follow the transportation regulations. For details on the regulated models, refer to the MELSEC iQ-R Module Configuration Manual. ● The halogens (such as fluorine, chlorine, bromine, and iodine), which are contained in a fumigant used for disinfection and pest control of wood packaging materials, may cause failure of the product.
  • Page 11: Conditions Of Use For The Product

    Mitsubishi representative in your region. INTRODUCTION Thank you for purchasing the Mitsubishi Electric MELSEC iQ-R series programmable controllers. This manual describes the system configuration, specifications, installation, wiring, maintenance and inspection, and troubleshooting of the relevant products listed below.
  • Page 12: Compliance With Emc And Low Voltage Directives

    COMPLIANCE WITH EMC AND LOW VOLTAGE DIRECTIVES Method of ensuring compliance To ensure that Mitsubishi programmable controllers maintain EMC and Low Voltage Directives when incorporated into other machinery or equipment, certain measures may be necessary. Please refer to one of the following manuals. MELSEC iQ-R Module Configuration Manual Safety Guidelines (This manual is included with the base unit.) The CE mark on the side of the programmable controller indicates compliance with EMC and Low Voltage Directives.
  • Page 13: Table Of Contents

    Peripheral device configuration ............. . 17 R64MTCPU/R32MTCPU/R16MTCPU system overall configuration........18 Function explanation of the Motion CPU modules .
  • Page 14 Serial absolute synchronous encoder cable ........... . 77 SSCNETIII cables (SC-J3BUS□M-C) manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric System & Service ....79 Appendix 2 Exterior Dimensions .
  • Page 15: Relevant Manuals

    RELEVANT MANUALS Manual Name [Manual Number] Description Available form MELSEC iQ-R Motion Controller User's Manual This manual explains specifications of the Motion CPU modules, Print book [IB-0300235] (This manual) SSCNET cables, synchronous encoder, troubleshooting, and e-Manual others. MELSEC iQ-R Motion Controller Programming Manual This manual explains the Multiple CPU system configuration, Print book (Common)
  • Page 16: Terms

    TERMS Unless otherwise specified, this manual uses the following terms. Term Description R64MTCPU/R32MTCPU/R16MTCPU or Abbreviation for MELSEC iQ-R series Motion controller Motion CPU (module) MR-J4(W)-B Servo amplifier model MR-J4-B/MR-J4W-B MR-J3(W)-B Servo amplifier model MR-J3-B/MR-J3W-B AMP or Servo amplifier General name for "Servo amplifier model MR-J4-B/MR-J4W-B/MR-J3-B/MR-J3W-B"...
  • Page 17: Manual Page Organisation

    MANUAL PAGE ORGANISATION Representation of device No. used in this manual The "R" and "Q" beside the device No. of positioning dedicated signals such as "[Rq.1140] Stop command (R: M34480+32n/ Q: M3200+20n)" indicate the device No. for the device assignment methods shown below. When "R" and "Q" are not beside the device No., the device No.
  • Page 18: Chapter 1 System Configuration

    I/O module/Intelligent function (R35B, R38B, R312B) (RC B) (R65B, R68B, R312B) module of the R series Motion CPU module Power supply module/ (R64MTCPU/R32MTCPU/ I/O module/Intelligent function R16MTCPU) module of the R series SSCNETµ cable (MR-J3BUS M(-A/-B)) Servo amplifier Servo amplifier...
  • Page 19: Peripheral Device Configuration

    Peripheral device configuration Ethernet configuration Motion CPU module (R64MTCPU/R32MTCPU/ Personal computer Ethernet cable R16MTCPU) *1 Corresponding Ethernet cables Part name Connection type Cable type Ethernet standard Specification Ethernet cable Connection with HUB Straight cable 10BASE-T Compliant with Ethernet standards, category 5 or higher.
  • Page 20: R64mtcpu/r32mtcpu/r16mtcpu System Overall Configuration

    R32MTCPU: 2 lines (Up to 32 axes (Up to 16 axes/line)) R16MTCPU: 1 line (Up to 16 axes) *1 MR-J4-B-RJ only *2 Up to 16 axes per line for R64MTCPU when communication type is SSCNET. *3 SSCNET/H only CAUTION • Construct a safety circuit externally of the Motion controller or servo amplifier if the abnormal operation of the Motion controller or servo amplifier differ from the safety directive operation in the system.
  • Page 21: Function Explanation Of The Motion Cpu Modules

    • Refer to the following for details of installing Motion CPU module to a DIN rail. MELSEC iQ-R Module Configuration Manual • Use the Graphic Operation Terminal (GOT) that supports Motion CPU (R64MTCPU/R32MTCPU/R16MTCPU). 1 SYSTEM CONFIGURATION 1.1 Motion System Configuration...
  • Page 22 *1 Operated in J3 compatibility mode • The maximum No. of control axes per line for the Motion CPU (R64MTCPU/R32MTCPU/R16MTCPU) are shown below by the communication type set in SSCNET setting. Settings that exceed the maximum No. of control axes per line cannot be made.
  • Page 23 *3 When using the sensing module in axis mode, there are no restrictions on the number of stations for the sensing module. *4 When AlphaStep/5-phase is present, operation is carried out at 0.444ms operation cycle. *5 When FR-A700 series, VC series, or VPH series are present, operation is carried out at 0.444ms operation cycle. *6 When the setting exceeds the number of control axes per controller, a minor error (error code: 1C83H) occurs.
  • Page 24: System Configuration Equipment

    Model name Description Current Remark consumption 5VDC[A] Motion CPU module R64MTCPU Up to 64 axes control, Operation cycle 0.222[ms] or more, Built-in Ethernet 1.20 R32MTCPU Up to 32 axes control, Operation cycle 0.222[ms] or more, Built-in Ethernet 1.20 R16MTCPU Up to 16 axes control, Operation cycle 0.222[ms] or more, Built-in Ethernet 1.20...
  • Page 25 Plug: 36210-0100PL encoder cable Shell: 36310-3200-008 Q171ENC-W8 side connector Plug: D/MS3106B22-14S Cable clamp: D/MS3057-12A • R64MTCPU/R32MTCPU/R16MTCPU  MR-J4(W)-B/  SSCNET cable MR-J3BUSM MR-J4(W)-B  MR-J4(W)-B/MR-J4(W)-B  LJ72MS15 • R64MTCPU/R32MTCPU/R16MTCPU  MR-J3(W)-B/ MR-J3(W)-B  MR-J3(W)-B • Standard cord for inside panel 0.15m(0.49ft.), 0.3m(0.98ft.), 0.5m(1.64ft.), 1m(3.28ft.), 3m(9.84ft.)
  • Page 26 PLC module which can be controlled by Motion CPU Part name Model name Description Current Remark consumption 5VDC[A] Input module RX10 AC input, input 16 points 0.11 Refer to the MELSEC iQ-R series manuals for RX40C7 DC input, plus common/minus common shared type, input 16 points 0.11 each module.
  • Page 27 SSCNETIII(/H) compatible equipment ■SSCNETIII/H compatible equipment Part name Model name Description Remarks Refer to the servo amplifier instruction manuals. MR-J4 series servo amplifier MR-J4-B MR-J4-B-RJ MR-J4-B-LL MR-J4W-B For 2-axis type, 3-axis type Sensing module MR-MT2010 Sensing SSCNET/H head module Refer to the sensing module instruction manuals. MR-MT2100 Sensing I/O module MR-MT2200...
  • Page 28: Software Packages

    Software packages Operating system software Motion CPU Model name R64MTCPU SW10DNC-RMTFW R32MTCPU R16MTCPU *1 The operating system software is installed at the time of product purchases. Engineering software ■Motion controller engineering software Part name Model name MELSOFT MT Works2 SW1DND-MTW2-E •...
  • Page 29: Checking Production Information And Operating System Software Version

    Checking Production Information and Operating System Software Version This section explains checking for the production information of Motion CPU module and the operating system software version. Checking production information Checking with the Motion CPU module ■Rating plate The rating plate is situated on the side face of the Motion CPU module. The SERIAL line displays the Motion CPU module production information.
  • Page 30: Checking Operating System Software Version

    Checking operating system software version The operating system software version can be checked with MT Developer2 or GX Works3. Checking with GX Works3 Check on the product information list screen. [Diagnostics]  [System monitor]  [Product Information List] button Operating system Production information software version of Motion CPU module...
  • Page 31: Restrictions By The Software's Version

    Restrictions by the Software's Version There are restrictions in the function that can be used by the version of the operating system software and engineering software. The combination of each version and a function is shown below. : There is no restriction by the version. Function Operating Engineering software version...
  • Page 32: Engineering Software Version

    Motion CPU Operating system software MELSOFT MT Works2 GX Works3 (MT Developer2) R16MTCPU 01 or later 1.100E or later 1.000A or later R32MTCPU R64MTCPU 07 or later 1.120A or later 1.019V or later 1 SYSTEM CONFIGURATION 1.5 Engineering Software Version...
  • Page 33: Chapter 2 Equipment Specifications

    EQUIPMENT SPECIFICATIONS General Specifications General specifications of the Motion controller are shown below. Item Specification Operating ambient temperature 0 to 55 (32 to 131) Storage ambient temperature -25 to 75 (-13 to 167) Operating ambient humidity 5 to 95%RH, non-condensing Storage ambient humidity 5 to 95%RH, non-condensing ...
  • Page 34: Motion Cpu Module

    Motion CPU Module Name of parts This section explains the names of the parts of the Motion CPU module. With front cover open Front face of R16MTCPU Front face of R32MTCPU Front face of R64MTCPU (10) (10) (10) (11) (11)
  • Page 35 *1 Put the SSCNET cable in the duct or fix the cable at the closest part to the Motion CPU module with bundle material in order to prevent SSCNET cable from putting its own weight on SSCNET connector. *2 R64MTCPU/R32MTCPU only 2 EQUIPMENT SPECIFICATIONS...
  • Page 36: Led Display

    LED display READY/ERROR LED display The Motion CPU operating status is shown below by the READY LED and ERROR LED combination. LED display status Operating status READY ERROR Power supply OFF Flickering Initializing Operating normally ON or flickering Major error occurrence Flickering Moderate error occurrence Minor error occurrence...
  • Page 37 Item Dot matrix LED Details Normal mode Digital oscilloscope Displays "LOG" and "Mode" Displays the status of the digital oscilloscope wait for alternately.(Left: When mode trigger. is "RUN") The mode displayed is the mode that the Motion CPU is operating. ("STP", "RUN", "TES") Displays "TRG"...
  • Page 38: Rotary Switch Setting And Operation Mode

    Item Dot matrix LED Details Operating Not installed "A00" is flickering It becomes the status of installation mode when the system operating system software is not installed. software File error "A01" is flickering Displays when there is a file error in the operating system software that was installed.
  • Page 39 Operation mode ■Normal mode The Motion CPU module operates based on the parameters, user programs stored in the standard ROM or the SD memory card. ■Ethernet information display mode Displays Ethernet related information. Displays in the order of IP address, subnet mask, default router address, MAC address, and link status.
  • Page 40 ■Built-in memory clear Clears the contents of the standard ROM and backup RAM of the Motion CPU. During built-in memory clear, communication with MT Developer2, execution of Motion SFC programs, and axis control cannot be performed. The procedure for built-in memory clear is shown below.
  • Page 41: Specifications

    106.0(4.17)(H)27.8(1.09)(W)110.0(4.33)(D) *1 Servo amplifiers for SSCNET cannot be used. *2 SSCNET and SSCNET/H cannot be combined within the same line. For R64MTCPU/R32MTCPU, SSCNET and SSCNET/H can be set for each line. *3 When using the optical hub unit, the maximum combined cable length depends on the system configuration.
  • Page 42 Motion control specifications Item R64MTCPU R32MTCPU R16MTCPU Number of control axes Up to 64 axes Up to 32 axes Up to 16 axes Operation cycle 0.222ms/ 1 to 2 axes 0.222ms/ 1 to 2 axes 0.222ms/ 1 to 2 axes (default) 0.444ms/ 3 to 8 axes...
  • Page 43 Item R64MTCPU R32MTCPU R16MTCPU Driver communication function Provided File transmission at boot function Provided Parameter change function Provided Mixed operation cycle function Provided Event history function Provided Add-on function Provided Override function Provided Vibration suppression command filter Provided *1 Servo amplifier(MR-J4-B-LL) only.
  • Page 44: Serial Absolute Synchronous Encoder

    Serial Absolute Synchronous Encoder Specifications This section describes the specifications of serial absolute synchronous encoder Item Specifications Model name Q171ENC-W8 Ambient temperature -5 to 55(23 to 131) Resolution 4194304pulse/rev Transmission method Serial communications Direction of increasing addresses CCW (viewed from end of shaft) Protective construction Dustproof/Waterproof (IP67: Except for the shaft-through portion.) Permitted speed at power ON...
  • Page 45: Sscnetiii Cables

    When using the R16MTCPU, SSCNET cable for connection to servo amplifier can be used for only 1 line. (Connect to CN1.) When using the R64MTCPU/R32MTCPU, SSCNET cables for connection to servo amplifier can be used for up to 2 lines. (Connect to CN1 and CN2.) The following number of servo amplifiers can be connected per SSCNET(/H) line.
  • Page 46: Connection Between The Motion Cpu Module And Servo Amplifiers

    Servo amplifier Servo amplifier µ SSCNET (/H) LINE 2 CN1A CN1A CN1B CN1B Servo amplifier Servo amplifier *1: If the CN1A and CN1B connection is incorrect, the servo amplifiers cannot communicate. *2: R64MTCPU/R32MTCPU only 2 EQUIPMENT SPECIFICATIONS 2.4 SSCNETIII Cables...
  • Page 47: Setting Of The Axis No. And Switch Of Servo Amplifier

    Axis No. is allocated and set for the setting axis No. (d01 to d16) of servo amplifier. Motion CPU Axis No. setting range Setting range of station No. SSCNETIII/H SSCNETIII R64MTCPU 1 to 64 1 to 64 1 to 16 R32MTCPU 1 to 32...
  • Page 48 Correspondence between SSCNET(/H) line and connector No. of Motion CPU module is shown in the table below. SSCNETIII(/H) line No. Connector No. of Motion CPU *1 Number of SSCNET(/H) lines: R64MTCPU/R32MTCPU: 2 lines/R16MTCPU: 1 line The setting of axis select rotary switch and auxiliary axis No. setting switches differs depending on the servo amplifier.
  • Page 49: Precautions For Sscnetiii Cables

    Precautions for SSCNETIII cables SSCNET cable is made from optical fiber. If optical fiber is added a power such as a major shock, lateral pressure, haul, sudden bending or twist, its inside distorts or breaks, and optical transmission will not be available. Especially, as optical fiber for MR-J3BUSM and MR-J3BUSM-A is made of synthetic resin, it melts down if being left near the fire or high temperature.
  • Page 50 Wiring process of SSCNETIII cable Put the SSCNET cable in the duct or fix the cable at the closest part to the Motion CPU module with bundle material in order to prevent SSCNET cable from putting its own weight on SSCNET connector. ■Putting in the duct When putting in a duct, leave space for installing the module.
  • Page 51 • Be sure to connect SSCNET cable with the above connector. If the connection is mistaken, between the Motion CPU module and servo amplifier cannot be communicated. • Forced removal of the SSCNET cable from the Motion CPU module will damage the Motion CPU modules and SSCNET...
  • Page 52: Chapter 3 Installation And Wiring

    INSTALLATION AND WIRING Mounting Environment Set the Motion controller system according to the mounting environment indicated in the general specifications. Do not install the Motion controller system in the following environments. • Where ambient temperature exceeds the range of 0 to 55[] (32 to 131[]). •...
  • Page 53: Installation And Removal Of Sd Memory Card

    Installation and Removal of SD Memory Card This section describes the methods for installation of a SD memory card to the Motion CPU module, and removal. Installation of SD memory card When installing a SD memory card to the Motion CPU module, take note of the SD memory card position, and install using the following procedure.
  • Page 54 ON "SD memory card forced disable instruction (SM606)" will force the stop of the SD memory card. • If the SSCNET cable connected to CN2 of R64MTCPU/R32MTCPU prevents removal of the SD memory card, turn the Multiple CPU system power supply OFF and remove the SSCNET cable before removing the SD memory card.
  • Page 55: Mounting Of Serial Absolute Synchronous Encoder

    Mounting of Serial Absolute Synchronous Encoder This section describes precautions for handling the serial absolute synchronous encoder. • If the serial absolute synchronous encoder is linked to a chain, timing belt, or gears, the machine rotating shaft should be supported by a separate bearing and connected to serial absolute synchronous encoder through a coupling. Ensure that excessive force (greater than the permitted shaft load) is not applied to the shaft of serial absolute synchronous encoder.
  • Page 56: Wiring

    Wiring Refer to the following for details of wiring the power supply, and grounding. MELSEC iQ-R Module Configuration Manual Refer to EMC directives for measure against noise . (Page 68 EMC DIRECTIVES) Power supply circuit This section describes the noise suppression techniques of the power supply circuit. Grounding The Motion system may malfunction as it is affected by various noises such as electric path noises from the power supply lines, radiated and induced noises from other equipment, servo amplifiers and their cables, and electromagnetic noises from...
  • Page 57 Forced stop circuit • The forced stop of all servo amplifiers is possible in a lump by using the forced stop input of input modules. After forced stop, the forced stop factor is removed and the forced stop canceled. (The servo error detection signal does not turn on with the forced stop.) The forced stop input can be set by allocation of the device number in [Motion CPU Common Parameter] ...
  • Page 58: Chapter 4 Start-up Procedures

    START-UP PROCEDURES Start-up Adjustment Procedure This section explains the procedures for starting up the Motion controller system. Turn OFF power supply of Multiple CPU system Check that the power supply of Multiple CPU system is OFF. Check wiring and module installation •...
  • Page 59 Check external inputs The wiring of the following external inputs can be checked in the monitor of MT Developer2. • FLS (Upper stroke limit input) • RLS (Lower stroke limit input) • STOP (Stop signal) • DOG (Proximity dog) • Serial absolute synchronous encoder •...
  • Page 60 Check Motion program Check that all positioning controls by Motion programs are correct. Check by automatic operation Check the sequence operation by executing the sequence program using an actual external input. Also, refer to the following for details of the operation to check processing times. MELSEC iQ-R Motion Controller Programming Manual (Common) When the servo amplifier, servo motor is first turned on, check the operation before the servo motor is mounted on a machine to avoid unexpected accidents such as machine breakage.
  • Page 61: Chapter 5 Inspection And Maintenance

    INSPECTION AND MAINTENANCE In order that you can use the Motion controller in normal and optimal condition, this section describes those items that must be maintained or inspected daily or at regular intervals. Daily Inspection The items that must be inspected daily are shown below. Item Inspection item Inspection...
  • Page 62: Periodic Inspection

    Periodic Inspection The items that must be inspected one or two times every 6 months to 1 year are listed below. When the equipment is moved or modified, or layout of the wiring is changed, also implement this inspection. Item Inspection item Inspection Criterion...
  • Page 63: Life

    Life The following parts must be changed periodically as listed below. However, if any part is found faulty, it must be changed immediately even when it has not yet reached the end of its life, which depends on the operating method and environmental conditions. For parts replacement, please contact your sales representative.
  • Page 64: Chapter 6 Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING This section describes the various types of trouble that occur when the system is operated, and causes and corrective actions of these troubles. For troubleshooting on each individual module, refer to the manuals of each module. Troubleshooting Basics The basic three points that must be followed in troubleshooting are as follows. Visual inspection Visually check the following.
  • Page 65: Troubleshooting Procedure

    Troubleshooting Procedure When trouble occurs, conduct troubleshooting in the order of the following procedures. Check LED of the power supply module. (MELSEC iQ-R CPU Module User's Manual (Application)) Check LED of PLC CPU module. (MELSEC iQ-R CPU Module User's Manual (Startup)) Check LED of Motion CPU module.
  • Page 66: Checking Led Display

    Checking LED Display Checking LEDs is a means for confirming the status of a module and should be performed as the primary diagnosis. Checking LED display of the Motion CPU module The following describes the items to check when checking the LED display of the Motion CPU module. By checking the READY LED, ERROR LED, and dot matrix LED, confirming if an error has occurred is possible by visual inspection.
  • Page 67: Checking With Engineering Tools

    Checking With Engineering Tools Specify the error cause by using MT Developer2 and GX Works3 to check the errors occurring and the history. Checking with engineering tools enables more detailed information, error causes, and error corrections to be checked than checking LEDs. Checking with MT Developer2 Check with the following function in MT Developer2.
  • Page 68: Troubleshooting By Circumstance

    An error is occurring because installation of operating system version "05" or earlier was executed on R64MTCPU. Operating system version "05" or earlier cannot be installed on R64MTCPU. Install operating system version "07" or later. "ER2" is displayed during installation mode.
  • Page 69: When Cannot Write To Motion Cpu

    If an error is still displayed or flickers in the dot matrix LED after checking the above items, there may be a hardware error. Please consult your local Mitsubishi representative. When cannot write to Motion CPU When cannot write to Motion CPU, check the following items. Check item Corrective action Has a password been registered?
  • Page 70: Chapter 7 Emc Directives

    Manufacturers who recognize their products are compliant to the EMC and Low Voltage Directives are required to declare that print a "CE mark" on their products. Authorized representative in Europe Authorized representative in Europe is shown below. Name: Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. Address: Gothaer strase 8, 40880 Ratingen, Germany Requirements for Compliance with the EMC Directive The EMC Directive specifies that products placed on the market must be so constructed that they do not cause excessive electromagnetic interference (emissions) and are not unduly affected by electromagnetic interference (immunity)".
  • Page 71: Standards Relevant To The Emc Directive

    Standards relevant to the EMC directive The standards relevant to the EMC Directive are listed in table below. Certification Test item Test details Standard value EN61000-6-4: 2007 CISPR16-2-3: 2010/A1: 2010 Radio waves from the product are • 30M-230MHz +A1: 2011 Radiated emission measured.
  • Page 72: Installation Instructions For Emc Directive

    Installation instructions for EMC directive Motion controller is an open type device and must be installed inside a control panel for use. This not only ensures safety but also ensures effective shielding of Motion controller-generated electromagnetic noise. Control panel • Use a conductive control panel. •...
  • Page 73 Cables The cables extracted from the control panel contain a high frequency noise component. On the outside of the control panel, therefore, they serve as antennas to emit noise. To prevent noise emission, use shielded cables for the cables which are connected to the I/O modules and intelligent function modules and may be extracted to the outside of the control panel.
  • Page 74: Parts Of Measure Against Noise

    Multiple CPU system's power supply is effective for the reducing noise. (The noise filter has the effect of reducing conducted noise of 10 MHz or less.) ■Noise ferrite (Recommended product) Manufacturer Model name Mitsubishi electric FR-BLF Soshin Electric HF3010A-UN The precautions required when installing a noise filter are described below.
  • Page 75: Measure Against Noise

    (7.87 to 11.81inch) AD75CK ■Cable clamp (Recommended product) Manufacturer Model name Mitsubishi electric AERSBAN-DSET AERSBAN-ESET AD75CK CAUTION • Do not ground the cable clamp to the top of control panel. Doing so may lead to damage by drop of screws, etc. during installation or removing the cable clamp.
  • Page 76: Appendices

    Generally use the SSCNET cables available as our products. Refer to SSCNET cables manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric System & Service for long distance cable up to 100(328.08)[m(ft.)] and ultra-long bending life cable. (Page 79 SSCNETIII cables (SC-J3BUS□M-C) manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric System & Service) Model explanation Numeral in the column of cable length on the table is a symbol put in the ""...
  • Page 77 • If the end face of cord tip for the SSCNET cable is dirty, optical transmission is interrupted and it may cause malfunctions. If it becomes dirty, wipe with a bonded textile, etc. Do not use solvent such as alcohol. •...
  • Page 78 • MR-J3BUS5M-A to MR-J3BUS20M-A, MR-J3BUS30M-B to MR-J3BUS50M-B Refer to model explanation for cable length (L). (Page 74 Model explanation) SSCNETIII cable Variation [mm(inch)] MR-J3BUS5M-A to MR-J3BUS20M-A 100(3.94) 30(1.18) MR-J3BUS30M-B to MR-J3BUS50M-B 150(5.91) 50(1.97) [Unit: mm(inch)] Protective tube *1 Dimension of connector part is the same as that of MR-J3BUS015M. Keep the cap and the tube for protecting light cord end of SSCNET...
  • Page 79: Serial Absolute Synchronous Encoder Cable

    Serial absolute synchronous encoder cable Generally use the serial absolute synchronous encoder cables available as our products. If the required length is not found in our products, fabricate the cable on the customer side. Selection The following table indicates the serial absolute synchronous encoder cables used with the serial absolute synchronous encoder.
  • Page 80 Q170ENCCBL□M-A ■Model explanation Type: Q170ENCCBL M-A Symbol Cable length [m(ft.)] 2(6.56) 5(16.40) 10(32.81) 20(65.62) 30(98.43) 50(164.04) ■Connection diagram When fabricating a cable, use the recommended wire and connector set (MR-J3CN2) for encoder cable given in selection(Page 77 Selection), and make the cable as shown in the following connection diagram. Maximum cable length is 50m(164.04ft.).
  • Page 81: Sscnetiii Cables (sc-j3bus□m-c) Manufactured By Mitsubishi Electric System & Service

    SSCNETIII cables (SC-J3BUS□M-C) manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric System & Service • For the details of the SSCNET cables, contact your local sales office. • Do not look directly at the light generated from CN1A/CN1B connector of servo amplifier or the end of SSCNET...
  • Page 82: Appendix 2 Exterior Dimensions

    Appendix 2 Exterior Dimensions Motion CPU module R16MTCPU [Unit: mm(inch)] 110(4.33) 27.8(1.09) R32MTCPU [Unit: mm(inch)] 110(4.33) 27.8(1.09) APPENDICES Appendix 2 Exterior Dimensions...
  • Page 83 R64MTCPU [Unit: mm(inch)] 110(4.33) 27.8(1.09) APPENDICES Appendix 2 Exterior Dimensions...
  • Page 84: Connector

    Connector Cable connector for serial absolute synchronous encoder Sumitomo 3M Limited make (SCR type) ■Type Plug: 36210-0100PL Shell: 36310-3200-008 [Unit: mm(inch)] (0.39) 22.4(0.88) 22.7(0.89) (0.43) SSCNETIII cable connector [Unit: mm(inch)] 4.8(0.19) 1.7(0.07) 2.3(0.09) 17.6±0.2 (0.31) (0.69±0.01) 20.9±0.2 (0.82±0.01) APPENDICES Appendix 2 Exterior Dimensions...
  • Page 85: Serial Absolute Synchronous Encoder (q171enc-w8)

    Serial absolute synchronous encoder (Q171ENC-W8) [Unit: mm(inch)] 85(3.35) 58.5(2.30) 29(1.14) 30(1.18) 7(0.28) 45° 2(0.08) 14(0.55) 8.72 (0.34) Cross-section diagram A-A’ 4-φ5.5(0.22) 42(1.65) 37.5(1.48) APPENDICES Appendix 2 Exterior Dimensions...
  • Page 86: Revisions

    Japanese manual number: IB-0300234-H This manual confers no industrial property rights of any other kind, nor does it confer any patent licenses. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation cannot be held responsible for any problems involving industrial property rights which may occur as a result of using the contents noted in this manual.
  • Page 87: Warranty

    WARRANTY Please confirm the following product warranty details before using this product. 1. Gratis Warranty Term and Gratis Warranty Range If any faults or defects (hereinafter "Failure") found to be the responsibility of Mitsubishi occurs during use of the product within the gratis warranty term, the product shall be repaired at no cost via the sales representative or Mitsubishi Service Company.
  • Page 88: Trademarks

    TRADEMARKS Ethernet is a registered trademark of Fuji Xerox Corporation in Japan. Microsoft, Microsoft Access, Excel, SQL Server, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual Studio, Windows, Windows NT, Windows Server, Windows Vista, and Windows XP are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
  • Page 90 IB(NA)-0300235-H(1712)MEE MODEL: RMT-U-E MODEL CODE: 1XB002 HEAD OFFICE : TOKYO BUILDING, 2-7-3 MARUNOUCHI, CHIYODA-KU, TOKYO 100-8310, JAPAN NAGOYA WORKS : 1-14 , YADA-MINAMI 5-CHOME , HIGASHI-KU, NAGOYA , JAPAN When exported from Japan, this manual does not require application to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for service transaction permission.

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