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Steam Function - Electrolux TWSL5E300 User Manual

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Time of delay is on the display (e.g.
if the program has to start after 12
3. To activate
(Zeitvorwahl) option, touch the
Start/Pause button.
Time to start decreases on the display.


Steam helps to remove odours like the
outdoor air.
Decreases or removes creases. Makes
the pieces of clothing more flexible.
The pieces of clothing after steam
programme are easy to iron.
At the end of the steam cycles clothes
come out with a residual humidity
appropriate for ironing.
If clothes are not ironed immediately
hang them until they are completely
At the start, because of wide
types of fabrics, apply small
steam loads. You easily get
the experience, which helps
you to use the sufficient
steam loads.
7.1 How to fill water container
for steam system
Use only distilled or
demineralized water.
Always when the container
is empty the indicator
on and you cannot start the
steam programmes.
Delay Start
6.8 Buzzer (Signal)
The sound is heard at the:
• cycle end
• start and end of crease guard phase
The buzzer option is by default always
on. You can use this option to activate or
deactivate the sound.
For the first time you can
use the water attached in the
The condensed water is also
applicable for steam system.
The condensate water must
be filtered e.g. with a coffee
filter to remove small pieces
of fluff.
If you dry with standard and
steam programmes, the
water container for steam
system fills automatically.
To fill water container:
1. Turn on the appliance.
2. Set 1 of the programmes with steam
option to check the water level.
3. Pull the water container. Keep it in
horizontal position.
4. Fill the water. until you hear the
acoustic signal.
The acoustic signal sounds when the
water container for steam system is full.
5. Put the water container.



Table of Contents