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Electrolux TWSL5E300 User Manual page 6

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Table of Contents
• Do not touch the mains cable or the
mains plug with wet hands.
• This appliance complies with the
E.E.C. Directives.
2.3 Use
Risk of injury, electrical
shock, fire, burns or damage
to the appliance.
• This appliance is for household use
• Do not dry damaged (torn, frayed)
items that contain padding or fillings.
• Only dry fabrics which are applicable
to dry in the tumble dryer. Follow the
instructions on the fabric label.
• If you have washed your laundry with
a stain remover start an extra rinse
cycle before you start the dryer.
• Do not drink or prepare food with the
condensed water/distilled water. It can
cause health problems to people and
• Do not sit or stand on the open door.
• Do not dry dripping wet clothes in the
tumble dryer.
Only fill the water reservoir
for steam treatment with
distilled water. Do not use
tap water or any additives! It
can cause damage to the
• The condensed water from this
appliance's condensed water
container can also be used, if it is
filtered first (e.g. with a coffee filter).
• Only operate the steam programmes
with distilled water!
• Once the drying cycle or steam
programme has been interrupted, the
laundry and drum may be hot. Risk of
burns! Take care when removing the
• Be careful when interrupting the
steam programme: Do not open the
machine door during the steam
phase. Hot steam may result in burns.
The display shows a message to
indicate the steam phase.
2.4 Internal light
Risk of injury.
• Visible LED radiation, do not look
directly into the beam.
• The LED lamp is dedicated to drum
lighting. This lamp cannot be reused
for other lighting purposes.
• To replace the internal light, contact
the Authorised Service Centre.
2.5 Care and cleaning
Risk of injury or damage to
the appliance.
• Do not use water spray and steam to
clean the appliance.
• Clean the appliance with a moist soft
cloth. Only use neutral detergents. Do
not use any abrasive products,
abrasive cleaning pads, solvents or
metal objects.
2.6 Compressor
Risk of damage to the
• The compressor and its system in the
tumble dryer is filled with the special
agent which is free from fluoro-chloro-
hydrocarbons. This system must stay
tight. The damage of the system can
cause a leakage.
2.7 Disposal
Risk of injury or suffocation.
• Disconnect the appliance from the
mains electrical and water supplies.
• Cut off the mains electrical cable
close to the appliance and dispose of
• Remove the door catch to prevent
children or pets from becoming
trapped in the drum.
• Dispose of the appliance in
accordance with local requirements



Table of Contents