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Electrolux TWSL5E300 User Manual page 16

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Table of Contents
Steam function hints
• Do not use steam programmes for:
wool not suitable to dry in the tumble
dryers, leather, textiles with large
metal, wooden or plastic parts, textiles
with rusting metal parts, oilskins or
wax cotton garments.
• Sort and dry together textiles with
similar size, weight, material and
• Do not dry new, coloured textiles
together with light-coloured laundry
items. Colours may fade (check
Fabric label
9.2 Loading the laundry
Ensure the laundry is not
trapped between the
appliance door and rubber
1. Pull open the appliance door.
2. Load the laundry one item at a time.
3. Close the appliance door.
9.3 Turning on the appliance
To turn on the appliance:
Push the
If the appliance is on, some indicators
appear on the display.
Laundry is suitable for tumble drying.
Laundry is suitable for tumble drying at higher temperatures.
Laundry is suitable for tumble drying at low temperatures only.
Laundry is not suitable for tumble drying.
On/Off (Ein/Aus) button.
colour fastness of fabric when damp
in an inconspicuous area).
• Do not use dry cleaning sets in
combination with steam programmes.
• Remove stains by washing or using
localised stain removal before steam
programme use.
• For best drying results turn items with
double-layered fabrics inside out (e.g.
with cotton lined anoraks, the cotton
layer should be outermost).
9.4 Auto Off function
To decrease the energy consumption,
the Auto Off function turns off the
appliance automatically:
• if the
Start/Pause touch button
was not touched within 5 minutes.
• 5 minutes after cycle ends.
Push the
On/Off (Ein/Aus) button to
turn on the appliance.
If the appliance is on, some indications
come in to the view on the display.
9.5 Setting a program



Table of Contents