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Electrolux TWSL5E300 User Manual page 17

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Use the program dial to set the program.
The possible time to complete the
program comes into the view on the
The drying time you see is
related to the load of 5 kg for
cotton program. For the
other programs the drying
time is related to the
recommended loads. The
drying time of the cotton
program with the load more
than 5 kg is longer.
9.6 Options
Together with the program you can set 1
or more special options.
To activate or deactivate an option touch
the relevant button or 2 buttons
When the option is activated, the LED
above the button or symbol illuminates
on the display.
9.7 Child lock option
The child lock can be set to prevent
children from playing with the appliance.
The child lock option locks all touch
buttons and the program dial (this option
does not lock the
You can activate the child lock option:
• before you touch the
button - the appliance cannot start
• after you touch the
button - programs and option
selection is unavailable.
On/Off (Ein/Aus)
Child lock option activation:
1. Turn the dryer on.
2. Select 1 of the available programs.
3. Touch and hold down 2 buttons at
the same time.
The symbol
appears on the display.
4. To deactivate the child lock, touch
the above buttons again until the
symbol disappears.
9.8 Starting a program
To start the program:
Touch the
Start/Pause button.
The appliance starts and the LED above
the button stops flashing and stays on.
9.9 Program change
To change a program:
1. Push the
On/Off (Ein/Aus) button
to turn the appliance off.
2. Push the
On/Off (Ein/Aus) button
again to turn on the appliance.
3. Set a new program.
9.10 Program end
Clean the filter and drain the
water container after each
drying cycle. (See chapter



Table of Contents