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Mounting; Physical Mounting - LG PBACNBTR0 Installation Manual

Multisite communications manager
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Physical Mounting

• Horizontal mounting (as shown in Figure 4) is strongly recommended, to achieve maximum heat dissipation and meet the operating tem-
perature upper limit. Any other mounting orientation reduces this upper limit.
• Mounting on a 35mm wide DIN rail is recommended. The controller's unit base has a molded DIN rail slot and locking clip, as do option
modules. DIN rail mounting ensures alignment of the connectors between all devices.
• Up to four option modules are supported. See Figure 4 for mounting dimensions.
2.17" (55)
4.33" (110)
Figure 4: Horizontal mounting.
7.05" (179)
6.38" (162)
9.53" (242)
Due to our policy of continuous product innovation, some specifications may change without notification.
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2.13" (54)

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