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Wiring; Earth Ground And Power - LG PBACNBTR0 Installation Manual

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Earth Ground and Power

Earth grounding provides protection from electrostatic discharge or other forms of EMI.
There must be a nearby earth grounding point.
1. Install the included earth ground wire to the controller's earth ground spade lug, and terminate the other end to a nearby earth ground.
2. Unplug the controller's 2-position power connector plug and terminate the 24V supply source (AC or DC) to the connector. Leave connec-
tor unplugged for now.
Power source options:
2.1 = (AC): Dedicated 24V transformer required, with neither side of the transformer secondary tied to ground.
2.2 = (DC): Polarity is unimportant (uses onboard diode bridge), with neither leg tied to ground.
2.3 = (Optional) Wall-mount AC adapter, (Model: ZHWPWADTR) instead of wiring 24V to 2-position connector.
Before making power terminations during earth grounding, de-energize the 24V power source.
completing all other mounting and wiring.
There is risk of electric shock and physical injury or death.
Figure 7: Earth ground and power options.
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Do not restore power until

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