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Stat (Status) Led; Beat (Heartbeat) Led; Pri, Sec (Ethernet) Leds - LG PBACNBTR0 Installation Manual

Multisite communications manager
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STAT (Status) LED

The green "STAT" LED provides a CPU machine status check, and should remain lit whenever the controller is powered. See Figure 10. If
the status LED does not light while power is applied, contact Technical Support.

BEAT (Heartbeat) LED

In normal operation, the yellow heartbeat "BEAT" LED blinks at 1 Hz, at 50%/50% on/off duty cycle. See Figure 10.
During controller bootup, this LED may blink at 1 Hz with a 90%/10% on/off duty cycle, or in some other irregular pattern. When boot up
completes, the platform daemon starts, and the normal 1 Hz flash at 50%/50% on/off duty cycle returns.
If the "BEAT" LED stays on constantly, does not light, or blinks very fast, contact Technical Support.
The 1Hz, 90%/10% on/off "BEAT" flash at bootup also occurs during other critical operations, such as a firmware upgrade to the controller
and/or any attached modules.
Wait for the normal (50%/50%) flash to return before removing power.

PRI, SEC (Ethernet) LEDs

There are two LEDs for each of the two LAN ports.
Green (left-side) "Link" LED operates as follows:
• Off: No Ethernet link is made.
• On: Ethernet link is made.
Yellow (right-side) "Activity" LED operates as follows:
• Off: No Ethernet activity.
• On: Blinking indicates activity (typical if Link is On).
Do not remove power from the controller while its "BEAT" LED flashes with a 90%/10% on/off duty cycle.
Due to our policy of continuous product innovation, some specifications may change without notification.
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