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Materials And Tools - LG PBACNBTR0 Installation Manual

Multisite communications manager
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Table 2 lists the optional accessories.
LON Module
Model Number: ZHWLONWK0
Wall Adapter
Model Number: ZHWPWADTR
Figure 2: MultiSITE Communications Manager controller (with one optional LON module).

Materials and Tools

Required Tools
You will need one of the following:
• UL listed, Class 2, 24Vac transformer, rated at minimum of 24Va. A dedicated transformer is required (cannot power additional equipment),
• UL listed Class 2 or LPS 24Vdc power supply, capable of supplying at least 1A (24W),
• (Optional) Wall-mount AC power adapter (Model Number: ZHWPWADTR) with barrel connector plug.
Optional Tools
• DIN rail, type NS35/7.5 (35mm x 7.5mm) and DIN rail end-clips (stop clips) are recommended for any installation with option modules. The
controller is also panel-mountable.
• Suitable tools, fasteners, and accessories for mounting.
Table 2: Optional accessories.
DIN rail-mount LON modules directly attach for additional communications ports.
Wall-mount, Class 2 universal AC power adapter supplying 24V DC to a cable with a barrel-connector plug.
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