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Communications Wiring - LG PBACNBTR0 Installation Manual

Multisite communications manager
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Communications Wiring

Ports for field communications are shown in Figure 8.
Figure 8: Communications ports on controller.
1 = V-Net ports. See "V-Net wiring".
2 = WiFi settings switch and antenna. See "WiFi".
3 = Ethernet ports, 10/100-Mbit, RJ-45. See "Ethernet Wiring".
4 = Earth ground and 24V power input. See "Earth Ground and Power".
An integral WiFi adapter provides wireless connectivity using the IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n standard, and provides an RP-SMA antenna connector.
The WiFi configuration switch has the following operation modes:
• OFF - (Default, middle) WiFi adapter is disabled.
• ACC - Controller provides operation as a WiFi access point for up to 20 clients.
• CLT - Controller operates as a client to an existing 802.11a/b/g/n router or access point.
An associated LED remains lit whenever WiFi is enabled. See "Status LEDs".
Refer to the MultiSITE Communications Manager User Manual for details on WiFi configuration and factory-default settings.
Due to our policy of continuous product innovation, some specifications may change without notification.
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