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LG PBACNBTR0 Installation Manual page 12

Multisite communications manager
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Steps to insert or remove the card
1. Carefully slide the plastic microSD card shutter open. The shutter must remain captive in the base, revealing the microSD card socket.
2. To insert the microSD card, slide it into card carrier, label side up, until the spring catch engages. If properly inserted, the card is behind
the shutter track.
3. To remove the microSD card, push it in, until the spring release pushes it partially out of the card carrier. Grasp the card, pull it completely
out of the unit and store it in a static free protective case.
4. Carefully slide the card shutter back over the card carrier opening, until it clicks in place. When properly closed, the shutter must not
protrude behind the mounting base.
• Data on the microSD card is encrypted. If you swap in a card from a previously configured unit, you must change the MultiSITE Communi-
cations Manager system passphrase on the platform to match the passphrase on the new microSD card.
• Typically, the microSD card never needs removal. However if a controller has been electrically damaged or found faulty, you can remove
the card and install it in another similar unit, so it can become a functional replacement.
Due to our policy of continuous product innovation, some specifications may change without notification.
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Table of Contents

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