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Introduction; Lg Multisite Tm Communications Manager Controller; Items Included With The Controller - LG PBACNBTR0 Installation Manual

Multisite communications manager
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Communications Manager Controller
This manual describes how to install the MultiSITE Communications Manager controller (Model Number: PBACNBTR0A). The MultiSITE
Communications Manager is a compact and powerful controller that allows third party integration of LG HVAC system into Building Manage-
ment System via BACnet®, LonWorks® and Fox® protocols. The MultiSITE Communications Manager is a network ready, out of the box
integration solution and includes the LG pre-engineered, graphical user interface. The controller integrates all LG Multi V™ systems, Multi F
systems, and select LG single zone systems with third party building management systems.
Refer to the LG MultiSITE Communications Manager User Manual for details on the controller's graphical user interface. User Manual can be
located on
LG MultiSITE™ Communications Manager will be referred to as MultiSITE Communications Manager in this manual. PBACNBTR0 is the
model number for the MultiSITE Communications Manager controller. ZSMA01BMS is the model number for the software maintenance
Figure 1: MultiSITE Communications Manager Controller.

Items Included with the Controller

Table 1 lists the items included with the MultiSITE Communications Manager controller.
Table 1: Included items.
MicroSD card in plastic case
Coax-mount, dual 2.4/5.8GHz antenna for WiFi
3-position RS-485 connector plugs
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