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Engine Oil; Oil Recommendations - Polaris Sportsman 500 HO Owner's Manual

Polaris industries all-terrain vehicles owner's manual
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Engine Oil

Oil Recommendations

Polaris Premium 4 All Season synthetic engine oil has been specially
formulated for use in Polaris 4-cycle engines. It's a fully synthetic, high
performance, multi-viscosity oil designed to provide the ultimate in
lubrication performance and protection. See page 117 for the part num-
bers of Polaris products.
Premium 4 possesses unsurpassed film strength over the widest possible
temperature range. It resists viscosity and frictional breakdown in ambi-
ent temperatures from -40° F. to 120° F. (-40° to +49° C.). Its excep-
tional frictional properties result in more efficient operation, more
power output and lower fuel consumption.
Although Polaris Premium 4 is the only oil recommended for use in this
engine, use of any API certified SH oil is allowable as long as it's 0W-
40. Oil may need to be changed more frequently if Polaris Premium 4 is
not used. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for ambient tem-
perature operation.
NOTICE: Mixing brands or using a non-recommended oil may cause serious
engine damage. Always use the recommended oil. Never substitute
or mix oil brands.

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Table of Contents

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