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Normal Operating Noise - Siemens EH70650 Repair Instructions

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Normal operating noise

Induction heating technology is based on the capacity that certain
metal materials have to vibrate when they are subject to high
frequency waves.
Under certain circumstances, these vibrations may make certain
sounds of a low volume due to the following:
Low tone noise, similar to that of a transformer: It occurs
when cooking at high power levels. It is due to the enormous
amount of energy that the cooktop is supplying to the
container. It disappears or attenuates as the power level used
is reduced.
Soft whistling: They occur when the container is empty.
They disappear or attenuate when water or the food to be
cooked is added.
This kind of noise may occur in containers
composed of layers of different materials. The noise is due to
the vibration in the separation zones between the various
layers of material. This noise is proper to the container. It can
change according to the quantity and type of food that is
Sharp whistling (beeps): They occur basically
containers composed of different layers of materials when two
adjacent cooking zones are started up at the same time and at
maximum power.
They disappear or attenuate when the
power is reduced.
Intermittent clicks: They are noises caused by the
commutations of the control electronics, above all when low
power levels are selected.
Fan noise: In order to control the correct operation of the
electronics, they must work at a controlled temperature. To
achieve this, the cooktop is equipped with a fan that works at
different speeds according to the temperature detected. The
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fan can also continue operating when the cooktop is turned off
after being used if the detected temperature continues to be
All these noises are normal and inherent to induction technology,
and they are not a sign of any breakdown.
The noises that occur with greatest frequency are those with
containers that have a "sandwich" type base, and they depend
entirely on the container.
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