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Operating Instructions; Burner Locations; Accessories - Siemens EC945RB91A User Instructions

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To assemble the grease splash tray again, proceed in the
reverse order to removal.
It is important that all the seals are refitted to form a seal.

Operating instructions

Burner locations

Pan supports
Control knobs
Auxiliary burner (up to 1 kW)
Semi-rapid burner (up to 1.75 kW)
Rapid burner (up to 3 kW)
Dual double-flame wok burner (up to 5 kW)
Never remove the tap spindle. In the event of a malfunction,
change the whole tap.
Important: After finishing, stick the sticker, indicating the new
gas type, close to the specifications plate.


Depending on the model, the hob may include the following
accessories. These can also be acquired from the Technical
Assistance Service.
The manufacturer accepts no liability if these accessories are
not used or are used incorrectly.
Additional wok pan support
Only for use on wok burners
with pans with a round base.
Using these pans may cause
some temporary deformation
of the grease drip tray. This is
normal and does not affect
the operation of the appli-
Additional coffee maker
Only for use on the auxiliary
burner with pans which are no
more than 12 cm in diameter.