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Residual Heat Indicator; Cooking Sensor Function (Optional); Operating Modes - Siemens EX875LX34E Instruction Manual

Flex induction cooktop with integrated ventilation system
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Residual heat indicator

The hob has a residual heat indicator for each hotplate.
This indicates that a hotplate is still hot. Do not touch a
hotplate while the residual heat indicator is lit up.
The following are shown depending on the amount of
residual heat:
: High temperature
: Low temperature
If you remove the cookware from the hotplate during
cooking, the residual heat indicator and the selected
heat setting will flash alternately.
When the hotplate is switched off, the residual heat
indicator will light up. Even after the hob has been
switched off, the residual heat indicator will stay lit for as
long as the hotplate is still warm.

Cooking sensor function (optional)

Depending on the appliance version, the temperature
sensor will either be supplied with the appliance as a
standard accessory or will be available to order as an
optional accessory using the article no. below.
Temperature sensor

Operating modes

This appliance can be used in exhaust-air mode or
circulating-air mode.
Exhaust air mode
The air which is drawn in is cleaned
by the grease filters and conveyed to
the exterior by a pipe system.
The exhaust air must not be conveyed into a
functioning smoke or exhaust gas flue or into a shaft
which is used to ventilate installation rooms which
contain heat-producing appliances.
Before conveying the exhaust air into a non-
functioning smoke or exhaust gas flue, obtain the
consent of the heating engineer responsible.
If the exhaust air is conveyed through the outer wall,
a telescopic wall box should be used.
Getting to know your appliance
Circulating-air mode
The air which is drawn in is cleaned by the
grease filters and an activated carbon filter
and conveyed back into the kitchen.
To bind odours in circulating-air mode, you must
install an activated carbon filter. The different options for
operating the appliance in circulating-air mode can be
found in the brochure. Alternatively, ask your dealer.
The required accessories are available from specialist
outlets, from customer service or from the Online Shop.

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