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Right Induction Electronics (elin Right) - Siemens EH70650 Repair Instructions

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Right induction electronics (ELIN right)

The new induction electronics integrate all the electronic components
associated with burners 3 and 4, which components in the previous
generation were divided into the power board, the control board and
the filter board.
This board receives its power supply from the left ELIN and contains
the fan connection.
The induction electronics board communicates with the TC through
LIN communication. The TC sends the power level orders of each
burner, and the induction electronics return the burner status
(container detection, errors, etc.).
The right induction electronics (ELIN DCHA) are fastened by two
screws to the base.
Basically, the induction electronics board consists of the following
Interference filter.
The interference filter consists of an assembly of coils and condensers
that allow limiting the emission of conducted interference.
Inverter with two outputs
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The power inverter converts the alternating current of the power grid
into the variable high-frequency alternating current that powers the
It basically consists of a power rectifier and two inverters with series-
resonant half bridge topology.
Inverter control
The inverter power devices are controlled by an integrated circuit
especially designed by BSH.
microprocessor and imposes the operating frequency of the inverter
and is responsible for feeding back the output current of the inverter.
Induction module control
The induction electronics module is controlled by a microprocessor.
This component communicates with the TC, thereby receiving the
power levels selected by the user, and it returns information on the
burner status to the TC (container detection, errors, etc.).
Cooktop control is moreover responsible for monitoring the
temperature of the power inverter and the inductors, for deciding on
fan connection, for monitoring the residual heat indicators, etc.
This circuit communicates with the
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