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Functions; Powerboost Function In Induction Iv - Siemens EH70650 Repair Instructions

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Powerboost function in Induction IV

The powerbooster function makes it possible to very quickly heat a
container, thereby increasing power in the cooking zone by up to
150% (approximately) of the nominal power.
After reaching the desired temperature, the user must deactivate the
function. If not, the control deactivates the function after 10 minutes.
The powerbooster function is available for all induction cooking zones.
In order to activate it, after reaching power level 9, press the "+" key
for the corresponding zone, and the display will show the letter "P."
To deactivate this function, either press the "-" in order to return to
level 9 or press the "+" key to turn off the cooking zone.
The powerbooster function is available when only one of the inductors
connected to a module is being used. To the contrary, the indicator
("P" on the display) will blink and then disappear, thereby indicating
that the function is not available.
If, while the powerbooster function is being used, another cooking
zone that is connected to the same module is turned on, the booster
function will be disconnected, thereby displaying the "P" indicator and
the power level "9" indication.
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