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Installation; Assembly Instructions - Siemens EH70650 Repair Instructions

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Assembly instructions

Induction cooktops can only be installed over ventilated ovens of
brands from the group and over kitchen furniture.
In the event that the cooktop is installed over un-ventilated ovens of
our brands, or other brands, the cooktop control may reduce the
power level and, if applicable, turn off one or more burners that may
be operating, thereby showing indication C3 (shut off due to excessive
temperature on the radiator).
Correct installation in accordance with the installation instructions is a
necessary condition for the correct operation and a long service life of
the appliance. The installer is liable for all damages due to incorrect
The electrical connection of the appliance must be performed by a
qualified technician, thereby considering the installation instructions,
the connection schematics and all legal provisions that may be
applicable in order to prevent personal injury.
All induction cooktops come equipped with a power cord. One end is
connected to the electronics boards, while the other end has 6 wires
grouped in pairs by pin terminals.
Depending on the type of connection, one or more of the pin terminals
must be eliminated in order to connect correctly..
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Single phase connection
A single phase connection is made by connecting the ground, phase
and neutral terminals in the corresponding places of the plug or jack.
In the event that the pin terminal that joins two wires does not fit in the
hole of the plug or jack, remove the pin terminal, strip the ends of the
wires and twist them together.
Two phase connection with a common neutral
As regards a two phase connection, the installer must know the
voltages supplied by the electrical distribution system of the home.
Remove the pin terminal that joins the two lines, strip the ends of the
wires, and connect each one to the terminal of the corresponding plug
or jack.
In distribution systems with a common neutral, the pin can be
connected at the corresponding terminal.
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