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RBC Bioscience MagCore HF48 User Manual page 41

Magcore automated nucleic acid extractor. magcore nucleic acid extraction kits
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Low or NO DNA product
Poor PCR results
Clogging tip or liquid up to the tip filter
Comments and suggestions
1. The sample was lysed insufficiently. Make sure the
proteinase K was stored at -20 °C, and repeat the
procedure using fresh PK.
2. The sample was too large to lyse completely. The large
FFPE tissue was suggested cutting into 4 sections, and one
scroll was enough for extraction. Clogging tip will affect
the extraction process.
1. Poor quality FFPE samples. Fixation condition can affect
PCR performance, such as long-time storage in fixative.
2. DNA fragments. DNA purified from FFPE samples may
be fragmented due to formalin fixation, so we suggest
keeping amplicons as short as possible for PCR.
1. The sample was too large to pipetting. Large tissue
clogged the tip would result the liquid up to the tip filter or
the extraction cannot finish. We suggest cutting the tissue
before adding in the Heat Block well 1.
2. The sample was too much to pipetting. Do not extract too
much scrolls at a time. For large tissue, one scroll is enough
for extraction; for small tissue, we suggest not over 20mg
of FFPE.



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