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RBC Bioscience MagCore HF48 User Manual page 4

Magcore automated nucleic acid extractor. magcore nucleic acid extraction kits
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I) Before Using
• Do not operate MagCore® without qualified operation training.
• Read user' s manual carefully before operation.
II) Handling Requirements
• Do not use a kit after its expiration date.
• Do not touch the reagents with bare hands. Keep away from your skin, eyes, or mucous membranes.
If contact does occur, wash the affected area immediately with large amounts of water. If you spill the
reagents, dilute the spill with water before wiping it up.
• Do not allow reagents to mix with sodium hypochlorite solution or strong acids. This mixture can
produce a highly toxic gas.
III) Laboratory Procedures
• Handle all samples and the resulting waste as if potentially infectious, using safe laboratory
procedures. As the sensitivity and titer of potential pathogens in the sample material varies, the
operator has to optimize pathogen inactivation by the Lysis Buffer or take appropriate measures
according to local safety regulations. RBC Bioscience does not warrant that samples treated with
Lysis Buffer are completely inactivated and noninfectious. After sample processing is completed,
remove and autoclave all disposable plastics.
• Do not eat, drink or smoke in the laboratory working area.
• Wear protective disposable gloves, laboratory coats and goggles when handling samples and kit
• Do not use sharp or pointed objects when working with the reagent cartridges, this is to prevent
damage of the sealing foil and loss of reagent.
• Do not contaminate the reagents with bacteria, virus, or ribonuclease. Use disposable pipettes and
RNase-free pipette tips only to remove aliquots from reagent bottles. Use the general precautions
described in the literature.
• In the begeing and at the end of the protocol run, you may optionally choose to perform a UV
decontamination run for 30 min.
• Wash hands thoroughly after handling samples and test reagents.
IV) Waste Handling
• Discard unused reagents and waste complied with country, federal, state and local regulations.



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